Fashion Rule #1 : Know Thyself (And A Good Thing About Getting Older)

Right after I posted about needing retail therapy, I browsed online and then went to an actual mall today.  Despite my determination to spend, I ended up empty-handed. Part of it is due to a “too-frugal” mindset.  A bigger part is that I don’t find shopping that much fun anymore.  I tend to have a style/item in mind when I shop, try to stay within budget and generally know what works and what doesn’t, which all comes together to mean I’m SUPER picky.

For example, I found a beautiful gray, short-sleeve shift dress with an interesting yet classic design.  I’m trying to update my work wardrobe for summer and this would be a nice addition to any closet.  It was about $90 on sale, a bit on the high side for me.  The main problem was:  I don’t like to wear sleeveless dresses to work and covering it up with a cardigan just ruins the look for me.  Basically, if I had purchased it (as I might have in my younger days), it would end up hanging in my closet where I would look and admire it from time to time. 

This happened several times today (and often in general). I saw a striped dress at H&M that would have been fun yet nice enough for work.  The problem was: the length was too short (for me).  While some women would find the length acceptable for work, I now know myself well enough.  My younger self would buy it in hopes of wearing it to cultural events; in reality, when such occasions arise, I would end up wearing a casual top and favorite jeans (again).

I’m still hoping to spend on something nice to celebrate getting a bonus (yay!), even though the urgency has worn off, but I don’t want to buy something nice to hang in my closet. 

Who knew shopping could be so hard?


One response to “Fashion Rule #1 : Know Thyself (And A Good Thing About Getting Older)

  1. Yup. I finally realized that I never ever wear sleeveless things, so I stopped buying them, no matter how cute.

    After having a baby (and my size changing) I figured out what kind of pieces I actually wear and what I actually need for work and non-work and I bought specific pieces to fill in the gaps. It’s really nice to only have things that I actually wear in my wardrobe– much easier to find things *to* wear in the morning. It also means I don’t mind spending $100 on a single piece (at a Brooks Brothers semi-annual sale *cough*) because I know I will wear it and often, and I just don’t need to buy that much clothing.

    I don’t think it’s really a problem– it’s just growing up!

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