Beer Basted Lemon Chicken

It has been a relatively good week in terms of dinners at the oilandgarlic household. Don’t ask me how — we’re still scrambling each night to get kids to sleep, fed and changed. I  still need to sleep early for work.  Nevertheless my husband managed to make a delicious beer-marinated chicken dish in between changing diapers, answering emails and feeding the dogs.

Ingredients: Lemon pepper, 6 Chicken drumsticks, beer, olive oil, salt and pepper

During the afternoon, he marinated the drumsticks with beer.  He may have seasoned it, too.  That evening, he baked the drumsticks while we got kids fed and ready for bed.  I don’t know how long it took (at least one hour…) but I do know that he left some beer at the bottom of the baking pan and then pretty much left it baking, turning it over only once or twice.  A combination of broiling/baking cooking methods seared the outside and gave it a nice crunch while the beer kept the chicken tender.   Tip: He generally broils or bakes it at a high temperature first for a  few minutes in order to give the skin a nice crispy texture, then lowers the temperature later.

Earlier in the week, he also made a tasty spaghetti with Italian blue cheese.  He’s done something similar with rocquefort. Basically he cooks the pasta and then coats it with a mix of the cheese and a little milk (stirring it all together in a pan, low heat). This time, he also sauted white onions for a sweet complementary taste.  Delicious!

We  rely on old Trader Joe standards most of week but it’s nice to change it up and have nice home-cooked meals!


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