I Am Grateful For 20 Extra Minutes…

A friend and I used to do an email exchange of small things we’re grateful for.  This is not a small feat because you can run out of things after a while and you don’t want to list “a beautiful day” for the 40th time especially when you’re stuck inside a windowless office!

But today I was really, really grateful for something that anyone living in a traffic-congested big city might appreciate — a better route to work that shaved 20-30 minutes off my commute! 

Sure, it took me years to find this route.  Sure, it’s only 20 minutes. I’m not doing anything great with those extra minutes — just hitting the snooze button for extra sleep if possible.  But 20 minutes a day = 100 minutes a week = thousands of extra minutes per year! This little thing has made my day, my week, and possibly will make it to my top 10 favorte things list for 2011.  Yes, I hate traffic!

What small things make your day?


5 responses to “I Am Grateful For 20 Extra Minutes…

  1. Small things that made my day: finding Stonyfield Farm organic frozen yoghurt in minty chocolate with chocolate chip.

  2. JNU – I didn’t even know Stonyfield made frozen yogurt! I love their regular vanilla yogurts.

  3. 20 minutes out in LA is a huge thing. Congrats!

    Today, I am grateful for Barbara Kingsolver, who can write her ass off. (I really can’t think of a softer way to put that, my apologies.) I’m reading “The Lacuna.” I was lost in it this morning on my commute. Reminds me of when I was a little kid and would get completely lost in stories. Thank the lawd for awesome writers!

  4. CF – I’m amazed at how many books you read! For those who don’t know, Consciously Frugal’s blog has a lot of very helpful and funny book reviews. I almost feel like I don’t even have to read the actual book after reading one of her reviews, i.e. it’s that informative!

  5. Sanks. 🙂 You’re too kind! I surely hope my rudeness doesn’t keep people from books they might enjoy. 😛 But the ton-o-reading thing happened when I killed the car and starting taking the train. I get a good, solid 2 hrs a day of reading as a result. Also, not having kids helps. I actually get things like adequate sleep and ample time to sit on my duff! Alas, I don’t get to kiss adorable cheeks. Bummer.

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