There Are A Lot Of Bitter Worker Bees Out There

I noticed that many people find my blog typing in the words “bitterness”, “how not to be bitter”, “bitter at work” and variations of that thought.  It seems that bitterness and work are closely intertwined.  Not surprising given that work isn’t always fun and many people can’t “follow their bliss” or at least can’t make a living doing their dream job.

I’ve written two posts addressing the bitterness at work issue and they’re usually among my most popular so they’re easy to find. I’m too lazy to do a link right now and I don’t really have much to add to the topic.

I definitely have moments that I truly hate work, not because of the job itself, but because it takes away time from family, friends, and being able to watch TV in my pajamas.  I tell myself, often unsuccessfully, that there are other things related to work that I do enjoy:  independence, security, travel, using my education and intelligence, wearing nicer clothes, and the occasional recognization of a job well-done.

Anyway to other poor working stiffs, don’t forget to enjoy summer and take some vacation days!


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