I Wish..

I wish I could get every item on sale. There was a great sale at the Gap this weekend — 40% off on sale items — so I got clothing and baby clothes at amazingly low prices. There was a big sale at Banana Republic too (30% off on sale items plus they were handing out coupons for 25% off your entire receipt).  If only I could buy EVERY thing during big sales like these, I would have a dream closet and more money in the bank!

I wish I was a better shopper. After agonizing over buying something to celebrate a bonus, I ended up with a not-quite-right purse that’s just too small for my daily needs (and wishing I could get another one). This was a final sale so I can’t return it and I’m too lazy to re-sell it so I’m using it in the meantime.

I wish that my favorite clothes and shoes would never wear out…instead favorite items always wear out at different times, i.e. when I finally find that perfect pair of black pants to go with my favorite heels, the shoes need to be replaced…if I’m lucky, the shoes are good enough quality to re-sole or fix up.

Just random thoughts on shopping on a Monday morning…


5 responses to “I Wish..

  1. Gap and Banana sales are the best. I buy all of my clothing on sale. I just bought a silk and cashmere shirt at Gap for $14, a shirt dress at Banana for $30 (reduced from $178) and a handbag from J Crew for $99 (reduced from $178). This is also the best time to buy summer wear for next year, although I am still wearing stuff I bought years ago and relegating it to workout wear when it turns weird. I haven’t bought a pair of shoes for at least a year, maybe two so it’s time I think..

    • JNU — Those sound like amazing finds! I guess I have forgotten (since I mostly shop online) that sometimes the best deals are still brick and mortar since stores need to clear out inventory. And there’s still nothing like actually trying clothes on before buying.

  2. I wish fat chick’s clothing was 99.9% fugly, poorly made crap. I wish I could get decent fat women’s clothing for less than a gazillion dollars per item. I wish that the increased charges for larger sizes would translate into baby clothes, so that moms would pay a fraction of the price because baby clothes use less fabric (seriously, how does this logic work to charge larger women more but kids’ clothes are still pricey?). I wish that I could wear a shirt without staining it. (I could go on, but I’ll spare you!)

    • In this day and age you would think there’ll be more choices for different size women! I’m trying to only get baby/toddler clothes on sale; otherwise it’s ridiculously overpriced.

      And I agree with your wish about staining shirts — I’ve given up on buying white blouses!

  3. I suppose I should correct myself–first line should have said WASN’T! But I’m glad you can read typo.

    A design student once told me that it was blatant prejudice–people simply don’t want to dress fat women. It’s seen as a step down in the fashion world. I swear, it must be the first time in ages prejudice trumps profit. I keep threatening to start a clothing line, but the combination of laziness and cluelessness stops me.

    As for staining clothes–now you have babies to blame! ha!

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