10 Years From Now…

A Sweet Fine Day had an interesting post about her 10-year plan, some of which involved her business and some that were personal.  This was a planning exercise for her small business group but something that we should all do in our personal lives.

I used to be a planner (although in 2-3 year increments) but the past few years have been about the here and now, and survival.  No, we’re not broke and struggling but I also don’t feel like we’re moving ahead. I suppose that this isn’t an unusual feeling. It’s common to reach a plateau when you hit your 40s; in fact, I read an interesting post on Brazen Careerist about hitting your peak earning power in your 40s.  That’s a scary thought but also comforting if you’re where you mostly want to be and are tired of endless striving.

I think I’m still working out my 10-year plan but I do see living in a foreign country in my future and hopefully more time with my kids and some sort of career.  If I get braver, I’ll post up my Italy in 2012 (or 2013? 2014?) plan…


10 responses to “10 Years From Now…

  1. I don’t plan at all. I’ve never made a plan, in fact. It wasn’t until I came to the US in my late twenties that I discovered the “five year plan” or the “ten year plan” and thought to myself: “wow, how can people be that certain?”

  2. Because we’re AMERICANS, J.N.! We’re sure about everything, even when we’re horribly wrong. It’s part of our charm.

    I used to do 5-year plans and update them regularly. Haven’t in awhile. Oddly enough, I feel kind of lost recently. Me thinks I shall get on that planning process again. Even a false sense of control and/or direction is better than none. (for me at least)

  3. Yes, probably an American thing! We like to think we’re in charge of our own destiny!

  4. Like you, I’ve only really ever planned in 2-3 year increments. For long term stuff (aka retirement) the plan is to just save as much money as I can now and figure it out later.

    I’d love to see your italy plan! what part of italy is your husband from?

  5. My Italy plan is too vague right now! But let’s just say I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and it seems like the right time to do a move with the kids.

  6. Sounds exciting. Then you could be Olio ed Aglio?

  7. JNU — So you know some Italian?

  8. Only enough to order food! But my mum got by in Italy with her Spanish.

  9. I also know some horrible swear words. (I used to live with Italians.)

  10. JNU — Swear words are almost always the first things we learn in a foreign language, isn’t it? That and/or food!

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