July 27: Vacation

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life. 

Take a break from blogging…..(this is a “cheat” in terms of Wednesday tips, but since many readers also blog, it’s not that much of a cheat) Sometimes you just need a break….

Do you ever take a break from blogging?


4 responses to “July 27: Vacation

  1. Yes. I’ve just taken a break from blogging recently. I haven’t posted since July 4th which was the last time I saw a friend who was killed a week later. The blog seemed very unimportant suddenly, but ironically the last post is quite apt as I had taken the flask to her house that afternoon, so by leaving it up I feel like I’m honouring her. I almost don’t want to replace it with a new post. Bloggers routinely share a great deal of personal information so sometimes a break is necessary in order to regroup.

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend.

  3. Thanks! I put up a new post about art today, so I’m officially back.

  4. My blogging tapered off after I had Baguette last year; I really didn’t have time or energy to post more than about 3 or 4 times a month. Then in December I announced that I was taking a break, and didn’t post anything until the end of April. I’m just starting to get back into the swing of things, but what I realized was that I needed to re-focus my content. I’m in that process now, and am experimenting with more about our family and less about food. Partly because I spend more time in family activities, and partly because our eating is so boring right now.

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