August 3: My 100 Things..

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life. 

Owning fewer things is one of the best ways to simplify life.  The less you own, the less you have to upkeep.  Clothes need to be washed and drycleaned.  Tech toys need to be charged and always have a learning curve.  You have to insure your stuff and worry about things breaking.

While I don’t have plans to downsize, I was inspired by Consciously Frugal to  put together my list of 100 things I would own if I were to only own 100 things. 

Some caveats: First I think I would only do this if I did not work outside the home. If you work outside, you got to have some decent work clothes and those alone would take up too much of my list.

Plus, do you count household items like paper towel, toilet paper, soap and toothpaste? You have to have these but you use these up quickly and is not quite “owned” in my eyes.

This is a just list for one person. My husband will have to create his own list since I can’t afford to list 2 of everything (like forks, knives, plates etc…)

If I could only own 100 things, these would be:

  1. Queen Bed
  2. Bed frame (something cool that also has storage room)
  3. Bed linens Set 1
  4. Bed linens Set 2
  5. Pillow
  6. Laptop with wireless modem
  7. Smartphone
  8. Kindle (with hundreds of books downloaded!)
  9. Car
  10. Couch
  11. Credenza (for storage and because I love it)
  12. Pillows for couch
  13. Winter Jacket
  14. Black boots
  15. Purse 1
  16. Purse 2
  17. Wallet
  18. Light jacket
  19. Cardigan 1
  20. Cardigan 2 (I have a lot but won’t decide which to keep, unless I have to)
  21. T-shirt
  22. T-shirt
  23. T-shirt (Damn…does every piece of clothing have to count?)
  24. Striped t-shirt
  25. Sweater 1
  26. Sweater 2 ( Can I live with only 2 sweaters??)
  27. Shoes
  28. Shoes
  29. Shoes
  30. Shoes
  31. Shoes
  32. Shoes (not sure how many pairs I would “need” if forced to pare down…)
  33. Wedding ring (I can’t believe I only thought of this at #32 but I’m not a jewelry type of gal)
  34. Jeans 1
  35. Jeans 2
  36. Pants
  37. Pants
  38. Pants
  39. yoga pants
  40. Yoga pants
  41. Sweatshirt
  42. Dress
  43. Dress
  44. Blouse
  45. Blouse
  46. Peacoat (I love coats and jackets..)
  47. Underwear (okay, this can really add up…but I’m cheating and listing it as one item)
  48. Cooking pan
  49. Pot
  50. Fork
  51. Knife
  52. Chopping Knife
  53. Spatula
  54. Spoon
  55. Soup Bowl
  56. Colandar
  57. Chopsticks
  58. Plate
  59. Cup
  60. Lipstick
  61. Foundation
  62. Powder
  63. Face wash
  64. Skin care product 1
  65. Skin care product 2
  66. Sunblock
  67. Lip balm
  68. Nail clipper
  69. Razor
  70. Brush
  71. Toothbrush
  72. Glasses + case
  73. Contact Lenses
  74. Lamp
  75. Lamp 2
  76. Washer
  77. Dryer
  78. Drying rack
  79. Convection Oven
  80. Stove
  81. Small pot
  82. Coffee pot
  83. Pen
  84. Scissors
  85. Scotch Tape
  86. Mirror
  87. Dining Table
  88. Cellphone charger
  89. TV
  90. Tivo box? DVR?
  91. Chair
  92. Blu-ray player
  93. Hat
  94. Sunglasses
  95. Photo album with 100s of pictures (thank God for services like Snapfish and Shutterfly)
  96. Videocamera
  97. Clothing item
  98. Clothing item
  99. Nice piece of furniture?
  100. Camera (or can I get by with just a camera phone?)

Even though I don’t have any plans to pare down, I thought this was an interesting exercise. I was surprised at what items popped up in my mind first.  I also forgot to put down sentimental items even though I have 2 boxes in my garage just for “memorabilia”.

If you list your 100 things, let me know. I’m interested to see what others value or not.


3 responses to “August 3: My 100 Things..

  1. Dave Bruno, the dude who started this whole 100 thing challenge, chose not to include kitchen items, furniture or other communally-owned items. At first, I thought–shoot, that leaves plenty of room! But then he listed his camping equipment and I thought of my crafting supplies and holy hell–so much crap!

    Of course, what did I do this weekend while my niece was in town? Bought more clothes and a new purse. Yanno, after I’d purged a box full of clothes and shoes and purses. One day, I swear to god, I’m going to stop being a moron.

    Lemme just say that I am impressed that your “ideal” 100 thing list only has 5 pairs of shoes! 🙂

  2. Woman, I think you make the rules. He did not include anything that was considered “family’ items. And undies didn’t count (overall clothes did). I don’t know how the hell I would figure mine out though. I’m just gonna reduce and see where it leads me.

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