August 10: Gifts

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life. 

Can gift giving really be simple? There are so many occasions to remember and people to please (some easier than others), not to mention budget considerations!

Here are my simple/slacker types for making gift-giving easier.

  1. Cultivate a reputation as a “bad” gift giver: No, you don’t want to give inconsiderate gifts like a barbecue cookbook to a vegetarian, but it may be worthwhile to set the bar relatively low so that people don’t expect great gifts from you.
  2. Don’t Wrap:  Just throw everything in big bags or put a bow on top.
  3. Shop Online: Not only does this save you driving time, a lot of websites can give you good recommendations based on gender, age, occasion, etc..  This can be very helpful when you’re desperate.
  4. Buy off the registry: No thought process here.
  5. Forget birthdays? Is this an option?
  6. Treat a person:  It’s often easier to take a person out to dinner/lunch or a spa day instead of trying to find that perfect gift. 
  7. A thought on generic gifts: If you receive slippers, candles, perfumes, calendars, or bath soaps, it means the gift-giver has no idea what to give you or you’re someone who isn’t easy to shop for.  Give that person a break and suggest going out instead!

Some people advise planning ahead such as keeping a list so that you can buy gifts when you spot something that a certain person would love (say buy a “perfect” Christmas gift in July).  If you’re that organized, go for it.  I just can’t think that far ahead!

Do you have good tips on gift-giving?

11 responses to “August 10: Gifts

  1. I love soap, so getting that can also be a sign that someone really knows me! Although one year my mom got a whole collection of soaps from someone whose gifts she agonized over–and my mom was not a soap person. So I said, “I’ll take them. And the good news is that you’re off the hook!”

    I’m a big believer in registry gifts. And while I haven’t given up on birthdays, I have a very short list. What I have given up on is Christmas gifts for non-family members.

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting me! I look forward to checking out more of your blog! The older I get, the more I struggle with gift giving….because if I am being honest? The material stuff just really doesn’t matter so much! I love your idea of treating a person to a lunch/dinner or a drink. Most of the time though, I just really send an email or a card. I know that’s probably poor etiquette….Also? If the person likes it, I think you can never go wrong with a bottle of wine!

  3. Anyone can buy materialistic gifts but experiential presents are meaningful and make a strong impression. I’ve given, in the last year, classes to pole-dancing and pottery-making, even a boat tour for my sister and her boyfriend, etc. You can’t go wrong with doing something and experiencing the world!

  4. Experiential presents are great gifts, though to be honest I would probably give many people movie passes because I’m just a lazy gift giver!

  5. I am so bad at gift giving, so I take the person out to do something fun. Manicures with my best friend, high tea with my mom, etc. Those are fun and allow time for bonding!

  6. This is a really funny post! I usually send Amazon gift certificates via email. It’s a polite way to give money and easy to accomplish on time in minutes. Also, I usually always buy someone dinner or drinks on their birthday. Invite them to a group dinner/girls’ night and split the bill amongst the guests so they don’t pay anything. A nice meal with friends is the best gift.

  7. I have successfully employed numbers 1-6. I’ve also done handmade stuff, but forgetting is by far my favorite. This is because I am a jerk.

  8. Wait…not remembering birthdays make you a jerk??!

  9. My BFF yells at me regularly about my jerky b-day forgetting ways. My nieces and nephews are used to it, however. So, if you ask me, I’m just a forgetful stoner. If you ask my BFF, I’m a jerk. Obviously that heifer is crazy!

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