September 14: Unfinished Posts

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life. 

This week, I’m listing some unfinished, never to be finished (?) posts.  How does this simplify your life? It doesn’t, but it simplifies my life. Ha!

I had scheduled a post about but who really needs to read my opinion on this mega-retailer? We all know about it.  Some parents may want to take a look at their Amazon Mom program. Nothing saves your sanity during the first few sleep-deprived months than scheduled delivery of diapers and wipes (at very good prices).

I started tracking how much “extra” money I earned via Ebates ($44 and counting).  I should have started using them years ago as I’m quite a big online shopper. Oh well…

I had started a rant about stupid baby names. I’m talking about you Jayden, Beckett, Asher, Madison, etc..  People, let’s all agre to stop bending over backwards to give them a “unique” name and stop spelling normal names in weird ways, please….

I started a post about Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP. Then I read a few posts and liked some of it, although she obviously has a team of experts.  I also read through her newsletter with an insider look at the Venice Film Festival.  Hair, make-up, paparazzi, delicious foods, Matt Damon, exclusive parties, etc..  At one point, she goes to a jewelry shop and says that she “needs a sugardaddy”…Really? Gwyneth who hails from a wealthy Hollywood family, made millions in movies and is married to a rock star needs a sugardaddy…. at that point, I realized yet again that she lives in a freaking rich girl’s bubble. 

I also started a post about guilt.  To summarize, leave that guilty feeling for murderers and criminals.

Do you have a lot of unfinished posts?

6 responses to “September 14: Unfinished Posts

  1. I wish! Mostly I feel good when I come up with an idea to even start.

  2. I have a few and more than likely one of them is about how much I hate Gwenyth Paltrow. 😛

  3. This is a very inspiring post and so apt for my situation. I have many many unfinished posts and am feeling similarly apathetic in a “who the hell wants to read what I write anyway?” kind of way. But the truth is that your opinion is important and everyone you review likes a bit of feedback. Blogging can be just as time consuming as any other journalistic pursuit but you don’t get paid for it which is the biggest problem for me. I put the highest priority on paid work and I’m sick of working all the time. Blogging is hard work with little reward. And I agree with you about Paltrow. She may work incredibly hard, but was born with more advantage than 99.99% of the other hard workers on the planet. Steven Spielberg is her god parent for crying out loud. Now I’m whining..

  4. Does this mean I can look forward to more GP bashing posts?
    JNU — Blogging is time consuming. I guess the main “perk” for me is that it’s sort of an outlet since I don’t write for a living. But I can imagine that it’s a low priority for you if you get paid for writing!

  5. Madison is pretty common though! Wasn’t it a top 10 baby name for girls for a while?

    I live in a small rural town so (almost) ALL the kids at daycare AND their teachers have purposefully misspelled names (except the three teachers named Amanda– that’s spelled correctly). The kids at the prep school K have more regular names, or at least biblical names.

  6. N&M: I think I started noticing baby names when Madison became common and it seemed like it was a name given in an attempt to be unique. I guess I generally don’t like names that come from cities or names that sound like last names (Beckett, Tyler, etc..)

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