Random Thoughts…on the Work/Life Juggle

There is a funny chapter in Tina Fey’s Bossypants where she is overseeing major developments at work while trying to plan her daughter’s birthday party.  I feel like that right now, only even less focused.

Thoughts running through my head:

Work, work, work. Should I use the Friends & Family discount at Land’s End? Work, work, more work thoughts. I want to make lasagna this weekend.  Must email so-and-so back.  Have I emailed C– in accounting? Or should I make chicken with brown rice? Must ask husband to buy some bell peppers and use the Whole Foods voucher. Work stuff.  I have to prepare for 3 meetings today.  I need to call the dentist. When do I get a flu shot? Work, work, work.  I want to read some blogs instead of work.  Isn’t there a big sale at Old Navy? I need to upload photos.  Why is her life so much easier than mine? Back to work…. Ever had one of those days or weeks?

13 responses to “Random Thoughts…on the Work/Life Juggle

  1. Yes! Most often on Friday’s when I get a fun idea for something I want to do on the weekend.

  2. In one of her HBO specials about 8-10 years ago, Wanda Sykes had a wonderful bit about why it’s hard for women to fall asleep, compared to men. I haven’t been able to find it on YouTube, but it’s very similar to what you’re describing–and it’s hilarious because it’s so true.

  3. I find the running lists of what needs to get done churn into the night, often invade my dreams, and are immediately present when I wake. (I wonder why I never feel rested after my little bits of sleep.)

    Someone said to me recently – now that both my kids were (finally) at college – wasn’t I bored? OMG. I was speechless / wordless/ astonished. Try more overwhelmed with everything that hasn’t gotten done in years, that I now (theoretically) can do (but without their muscle), and still very much the working woman’s juggle in terms of organizing, shedding, selling off, digging in on research, the ever-present self-marketing that goes with being an independent worker, worries over money…

    Those days / weeks when there’s always more to be done?

    I’m right there, with you. And millions of other women, I suspect.

  4. SP & Tragic: It’s weird how fun and work all get mixed in one’s head and all equally seem important…

    BigLittleWolf: I always thought it would get easier once kids leave home but I’m reading your blog and realize that it doesn’t always get easier. It’s always helpful to me to read blogs by people who are ahead of me in life, so I get a more realistic idea of what lies ahead…

  5. That’s every week! Though some weeks I do let my poor DH take on the home details. And some weeks we just eat a lot of pizza and sandwiches and things. We do try to have a list of meal things for the week every weekend so that we don’t have to think on a daily basis what we’re going to have for dinner, we just go home and make something on the list.

    We have lots of lists.

  6. That’s pretty much every day over the past 2 months, but then again, I’m in the (hopefully end???) midst of an extended Fail Spiral. I can’t focus on anything! Also? I need to read “Bossypants.” Everyone keeps talking about it and it sounds hilarious.

    • re: Bossypants. There are some really laugh out loud moments so be forewarned if you read it around other people.

      On a side note, CF, you have no idea how many times I almost leave a comment at your blog. I start writing and then never finish because I want to leave a thoughtful, longer comment and never do….

      • Um, you have noticed that my blog is pretty much just the disconnected ramblings of a lunatic, yes? Yanno, kind of like my comments on here? No need to get all fancy if you feel like commenting on my corner of the interwebs, but I do appreciate the thought (and your tolerance of my constantly blathering here). Now, I would like some chocolate, and I need to find a recipe for rack of lamb. Oh, and work. I should work. What we were talking about?

  7. OAG – In response to your remark, in some ways, it does get easier when kids head off to college. The day-in-day-out logistical worries are lessened. You have less noise, fewer interruptions, lower (household) costs – offset, of course, by college-related costs (even with scholarships & loans for kids).

    But you don’t suddenly stop being a parent (especially a single/solo parent). You become a resource in different ways, and granted, more sporadically. But you’re also worn down, and in this culture, there are expectations (and necessity) that require you to set aside the wear-and-tear and fend for yourself. It’s anything but downtime, it’s differently configured time.

    A great deal also depends on the dynamics of your life in other areas. If you have a romantic partner, a financial partner, a traditional job, are out of a job, a support system of friends and family, your health, your location, your age, and yes – your attitude.

    I was single into my 30s and never bored. I was a juggling work-for-pay Mom and never bored. Now I’m an empty nester, and certainly not bored. Tired, yes (*smile*). A little crazed, trying to get my new rhythm – that, too.

    What you have to look forward to? All those other elements will figure significantly. Line those ducks up in a row, if you can, as early as you can. (Wordy. Sorry.)

  8. BLW – I wish all my SAH-mom friends read your blog. Not to say that their decisions were wrong but it seems that most lose their identity, which is natural during the early infant years, but many don’t seem able to recover or regroup especially in terms of finances. I know life is more than about finances but it affects everything and narrows or opens up choices.

  9. And all this time I just thought I had ADHD (which runs in my family)….
    Seriously, though, the “running brain” issue is particularly bad for me right before the weekend. I commute to a full time job and probably live for the weekends, a bit too much. I want to learn to relish the art of doing nothing….

  10. Ugh, all the time. ALL the time. And I don’t even have room in my brain to complete the thoughts anymore so I lose them half the time. It’s really frustrating to not just have the mental run around, but for the wheels to be squeaking just loud enough that you lose a bit of what you’re thinking too. 🙂

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