September 28: Recycling Made Simpler

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life. 

With full-time jobs, kids, dogs and no curbside recycling at our house, it was very tempting for us to stop recycling bottles and plastics.  Very tempting.  I really don’t know how come we don’t have curbside recycling ; it should be mandatory! Anyway, the task of storing bottles and then loading these into our car and making an extra trip to the nearest recycling center was becoming just a big headache.  The nearest recycling center was located near a Ralphs supermarket but not the one closest to us.  So we had plenty of excuses to pollute the planet with empty beer bottles and plastics.

Luckily we came up with a solution that simplifies our life while helping others.  We let someone else haul away our recyclables (and they keep the recycling “income”)

Okay, this might not be revolutionary to my smarter readers but it was a perfect solution for us.  We made arrangements with someone to take away our recyclable bottles every 2 weeks or so.  They get the much-needed extra cash and we don’t have any green guilt nor too many piles of bottles.  You can find someone via Craigslist or ask around your neighborhood. You never know who can use that extra money.

At work, I give my empty plastic water bottles to the janitor after I realized that he was taking these out of the trash for recycling.  (I actually don’t drink much soda or bottled water so this isn’t too much help for him but I know he gets bottles/cans from several other employees).

Note for paranoid big city dwellers: You don’t want to advertise when you’re out of town so you should use caution.  If you can set bottles outside your fenced area, that person can come and go without knowing whether you’re home or not. Or just be smart and say you’re too busy to let them pick up if you’re out of town.

Do you recycle? Is it a simple process or extra chore?

2 responses to “September 28: Recycling Made Simpler

  1. I live in SM so we have “free” (tax payer paid!) curbside recycling. I love it, because like you, laziness often got the best of me.

  2. That is a great idea, but I agree that should be something mandatory in every city in this country! I know San Fransisco is the first “no trash” city – not sure exactly how that works – but more cities should follow in their footsteps. 🙂

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