December 7: Hire Cleaning Help

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life.

As a working mom, it’s a no-brainer  to pay for cleaning.  I don’t want to spend my weekends cleaning. My husband doesn’t like it.  And even with cleaning help, it seems like there’s still a lot left to do around the house!

For me, getting cleaning help is saving my sanity and allows me to spend more time with my kids.  I will cut out almost every other luxury before cutting this out.  I’ll clip coupons, mail in rebates, go generic, etc..

I do realize that being able to afford cleaning help is a privilege and I truly appreciate that fact.  While it’s not a daily thing and we still have errands/chores, it’s nice to come home to a cleaner house and a made bed every once in a while!

Even if I were a stay-at-home mom, I would try to pay for some cleaning help on a monthly basis just to help with some deep cleaning and/or as an occasional treat to myself.   I would be the easiest person to shop for. What do you want for your birthday? Cleaning service. What do you want for Christmas? Cleaning service. Anniversary? Mother’s Day. You get the idea.  

Do you pay for cleaning? Is it worth every dime? Are you one of those crazy people who enjoy cleaning?  Do you clean more often than your spouse?

4 responses to “December 7: Hire Cleaning Help

  1. If either of us ever earns more money, this is at the top of our list! Unfortunately, while we both work full-time, we both work full-time for a public university. And any potential house-cleaning money goes straight to day care. So the house is a mess. But we are working on it!

    And I know it would be worth every dime if we had the dimes, because we had organic cleaners come in before Baguette was born, and for a couple of visits after we brought her home, and it was wonderful.

    • Of course the day after this post goes up, my husband and I looked at our budget and decided to reduce cleaning/nanny help. We’ll still planning to get cleaning help but on a less regular basis. It will be tough going back to a messy house and also doing more chores when we have so much to do just with childcare, dog care and regular chores/errands!

      We never paid for cleaning help when we were child-free while many of our friends did so I figure that spending that money now, with kids, was a reward for not having help all those years!

  2. Hi! Child free and have hired cleaning help. Weekly, no less. And I live in about 500 square feet. So, I “should” be able to do it and blah blah should should blah blah WHATEVER. With my commute, I’m out of the house at least 60 hrs a week. I hate to clean. I’m an absolute savage. I hate living with me (worst. roommate. ever.) because I’m such a slob. After I killed my car and we had a ridiculous excess of funds as a result, I hired weekly cleaning help. I swear to the sweet baby Jesus, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I think I would turn to prostitution before I would give it up.

  3. “Should” is one thing; having the energy or desire is another!

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