Sorry If I Snapped At You…

or cut you off on the freeway, or rolled my eyes at you, or said something rude….

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a really Mean know, the kind that ruins other people’s work day, are rude to innocent bystanders and cause loved ones to flee the other way (children are exceptions, thankfully)…  Have you ever been really mean-spirited in general? I guess that I feel like life just isn’t going the way I want it to due to unrealistically high expectations and self-imposed deadlines.  Well, when I feel like this, I take it out on others (which is wrong and I know it). So if you’re going about your way and some rude stranger rolls her eyes at you just because you’re searching for change or coupons or just because you drive too slowly or too fast, ignore that B*#$#. She’s someone like me, having a bad week.


2 responses to “Sorry If I Snapped At You…

  1. Sometimes we just feel crap and sadly those around us can wear the fall out. I sometimes find myself like this and normally it is one of 3 things….1. I am soooo tired 2. Hormones ARGHHHHH! and/or 3. I become unhappy with my lot…I start comparing myself to others, start wanting to control things too much and generally let myself become ungrateful for what I have. We can easily lose sight of what is really important. Being truly grateful for what blessings we do have, always helps brighten even the “meanest” of moods. Try to smile and be happy.

  2. Michelle — Yes, being more grateful would elevate my I just have to work at that.

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