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One of my fears is being “outed” or having this blog discovered by friends and family.  I don’t tell people about this blog; I don’t post real pictures;  I don’t ever plan to post pictures of my kids;  I schedule posts way ahead of time sometimes, so that the chronology is a bit askew. Only my husband knows and he doesn’t even know how often I update. 

I think the reason behind this fear is that I would probably censor myself if friends and family became readers.  At the same time, it’s not like I write anything truly controversial.  Well, wanting universal healthcare and calling myself a feminist isn’t controversial in my book.  And regardless of political, religious or social convictions, in life and on my blog, I’m pretty moderate and open to other viewpoints. 

My 2012 resolution is to address my fears…so I’m wondering if it’s time I’m more honest on my blog? I personally find open, honest blogs more interesting to read yet I hold back.  How open/honest are you? Do you reveal a lot of personal information?


7 responses to “An Honest Blog

  1. There are a bunch of people who know about my blog, but more who don’t. I’ve struggled with what to reveal, so that I can share my life but retain some privacy–both for myself, and for my family. So I use pseudonyms (our last name is not Sandwich, and we did not name our baby after a kind of bread!) and I post photos of Baguette–but I don’t post photos that show her face clearly, except for the one from the day we brought her home from the hospital.

    But I know what you mean. I could snark about certain family members all day long–but I would hate for them to see it. I may vent to Mr. Sandwich, but I’m not comfortable with posting things online that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face, even on my own blog.

  2. TS – I noticed that re: your photos. You really can’t identify Baguette from those which is how I would approach the matter if I did post photos of my kids.

    Yes, I could snark about family for days! I feel like being more honest would be more therapeutic for me than always holding back…

  3. I figure that I can illustrate my posts while letting her have some privacy. Since she’s too young to know the word “privacy,” much less make thoughtful decisions about how public she wants to be, I figure I’ll err on the side of anonymity.

    The secret, I think, is to find the right recipient for your snark! I’m lucky to have married mine.

  4. I don’t use my real name on my blog and try to be somewhat vague about my exact location. I try to be very vague about my occupation as well.

    I post real pics of my home and garden, but not me (that’s more of a vanity thing tho, I hate my own pics!!). I’ve told some family and one friend about my blog, but prefer to keep it provide from the rest of people I know. Even so, I try not to say anything about people I know that I wouldn’t want them to read.

    Mine is more of a fear of Internet weirdos than the people I know discovering my blog. 🙂

  5. Well it is so funny that you bring this topic up. I have only been blogging for about 6 months and only told about 5 friends that I thought would be positive and supportive about my blog. I, too, want to write as if I can write freely and honestly, not like certain people might be reading and judging my every word. It’s like writing in a diary that you think your mum is sneekily reading, you can’t help it, but you just can’t be honest. I just had a birthday and a couple of these friends , who know about my blog bought me piggy related presents….my blog is happyasapiginmud, (no not my real name, thank goodness)….one girlfriend that I have not told on purpose about my blog looked surprised as my hubby hands over his piggy pressy…I quickly changed the subject. I would love her to know about my blog, but her hubby…who mocks everyone and everything, would joke about my everyword. So cheers, to anonomous, down to earth and honest blogging! P.S I live in country Australia….blogging is not something that most people even know about.

  6. Michelle — Wow, Australia. I,too, told people at the beginning but then I later said that I stopped just because I have a mental roadblock about writing the truth if I know someone is reading it. I want to be more honest but not too negative either!

  7. I have just decided that blogs are like friends….the ones that I am attracted to are honest, genuine and down to earth……Let’s keep being honest and true to ourselves as we blog away. That way we can’t go wrong……

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