I’m Grateful For…

Eons ago, I tried writing down things I’m grateful for on a daily basis.  My list usually looked like this:

  1. Coffee
  2. Commute wasn’t too bad
  3. A loved one (rotating from parents to husband to friends)

After a while, it was a rather mechanical process and really didn’t do much good.   Writing the same things on the list day after day didn’t do anything to increase my feelings of gratitude!

So in light of this little insight, I’m writing a longer post about why I’m grateful for my job even though I don’t feel appreciated or rewarded enough right at this moment.   And that’s the hardest thing, isn’t it? To appreciate something that isn’t making you very happy at that moment. Anyway, here goes:

I’m grateful that I was able to keep this job during the recession.

I’m grateful for a good work environment, supportive co-workers and an honest boss. 

I’m grateful that this job allows me to buy basics like household goods and food, save for retirement, and still have room for eating out, cleaning help and the occasional massage. 

I’m grateful that it provides medical and dental coverage and paid vacations. 

I’m grateful that this job makes use of my education.  It is not mind-numbingly dull and I get enough new challenges to keep me interested but not so much that I get burnt out (usually).  

I’m grateful that it makes me middle-class.  

I’m grateful that my time is my own at this job. I have projects and deadlines but no one micro-manages me or my lunch breaks ; they just know and trust me to do my job well.

Even though right now I can’t afford to travel now, I’m grateful that this job has paid for vacations to exotic lands in the past.    

Even though I clip coupons and shop sales, I’m grateful that I can afford to stockpile and I can afford to buy items even if they’re not on sale. 

I’m grateful that this job allows us to enjoy some “tech” luxuries like cable, computers and cars.

I’m grateful that this job allowed me to buy a nearly-perfect wrap dress from a favorite online store. Nearly perfect because while I love this brand’s style and quality (and it was a steal at over 80% off list price), I haven’t worn it yet and it can only be worn during  cold weather and would look better with boots which I don’t have.  Still, I love it already….

I’m grateful that this job means that emergencies don’t derail our lives.

What are you grateful for? 


One response to “I’m Grateful For…

  1. You know what I have realised, that no job is perfect. 95% of people, (make that 99%), yes even those ones who are lucky enough to be “working their passion” still have aspects of their job that they would rather just not deal with. So like you, I try to find everything about my job that I AM grateful for and try not to dwell on the things that I am not. My little secret when I lay in bed at night and think what I am grateful for, is to not list the same thing twice. I normally fall asleep before I have to dredge the mind too deeply. I also think that when you make your list that it has to be things that you are truly grateful for and not just stuff to try and make a list. Your list is great and when so many are losing their jobs in these times we should all be grateful if we have a job.

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