I Feel Like A Fraud

My posts about work/career, specifically addressing how to avoid bitterness and finding ways to enjoy your 9 to 5 job, are two of my most-read posts.   Yet right now I’m doing the opposite of my own advice.  Instead of seeking new projects, I avoid it and prefer to surf the web, read blogs, chit chat  or do anything else.  The good news is that I know my own advice works because my lack of initiative is already turning me into the bitter co-worker I warned about in my previous posts!

I guess I have to fake it until my more usual enthusiasm returns.  The problem is that if I work really hard, I get the same small raise and it’s pretty obvious that there’s no chance for promotion.  So I don’t feel the motivation to be pro-active or even to keep learning.  If I don’t fake it, however, I start getting bored at work.  And it’s not like I don’t have any work to do, which puts me between two unappealing situations.  I can do my “usual” work but I get bored OR I can seek out new challenges but I would have to read up on industry news/reports, analyze data, and actually use my brain (horrible, I know…).  I don’t really have the motivation to do that either.

To make matters worse, there’s a new co-worker whose energetic Type A personality is wearing me out and threatens to steamroll past me to the better projects (and even title if s/he plays his/her card right).  I know that realistically and truthfully I don’t care for management but at the same time, I hate the feeling of being bypassed, even if I don’t want that brass ring.

What do you do when you’re in a work / motivational slump?  Other than quit?


2 responses to “I Feel Like A Fraud

  1. In my last job I got bored and started spending alot of time wasting time……going on internet, chatting to friends on the phone, chattng to other staff. Like you I had work to do, but worked in an office on my own and lacked motivation to tackle my work. I was the biggest procrastinator. I had days where I would work frantically and catch up and then get slack again. I felt bad within myself and knew that I was cheating. If I was boss and had staff doing that to me I would be furious. SO, I left that job and started a new one. I have made some new internal rules for myself: no internet at work…unless it is for work; no putting off work and no time wasting. I am doing okay….have only broken the rules a few times in nearly 1 year,(when I had done all jobs and had nothing at all to do)…..and can I tell you I feel so much better about myself. I feel honest, worthwhile and part of the team. Maybe it is time for a change for you…either at your own work or looking further afield?????

  2. I definitely have to think about my next move….

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