How Quickly We (I) Forget…

This was or is my 2012 resolution: Don’t let my fears hold me back.

Of course I’ve been coasting merrily along with life and have forgotten about actively tackling any fears.  I have crossed off little “fears” like crock pot cooking and learning to do eye make-up (well, at least trying..) but I haven’t actively addressed any meaningful fears.  I sometimes wonder why I even bother making life improvement resolutions when life is so damn busy as is that it’s enough to keep up!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?  If yes, are you succeeding or have you given up?


2 responses to “How Quickly We (I) Forget…

  1. Well 3 months after the big resolution and I bet most of us have slipped at least a little. My resoltuion is to be grateful daily….I definitely started off pumped and raring to go. I have slipped a bit but still try to be grateful daily. I really notice if I forget for a couple of days as I can start to feel a little flat. So what fear are you going to conquer next??

  2. Maybe I’ll have to conquer my fear of change…

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