How I Read Blogs

Just for fun, here’s a glimpse of my decision-making skills (and my first chart…):

Note: I included 2 mood options for the purpose of this chart. I normally do not arrive at work very angry or super happy, just more in the middle.

12 responses to “How I Read Blogs

  1. HAHAHA!!!

    Love the flow chart! And it is interesting how no matter what your mood, apparently we change it…

  2. ahahahahahahah Oh god, I love that mine is part of the “do I want to stay angry?” “No” AND the “do I want to stay happy?” “No” camps. ahahahahahaha This is hilarious!

  3. N&M and CF: Yes, I couldn’t figure out the best way to carve out the path/chart since I do end up at the same points anyway… Plus, using the software to design the chart was giving me a headache!

  4. This is awesome. I love flowcharts like this!

  5. So funny! I just read whatever is new in my reader, but I read certain ones in more detail depending on the mood. 🙂

  6. I’m honored by the company I keep on your chart!

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  8. Hah, I’ve never even considered flowcharting this sort of decision making but I wonder how it would break down, now! ❤

  9. (self centeredly, I sort of wonder which category I’d fall in because I’m totally inconsistent as a blogger.)

  10. Revanche — I place you with Stacking Pennies and finance bloggers, because that’s how I stumbled upon you originally (I memory is foggy!)

  11. Love it – I’m going to have to check out the ones on this chart I’m not reading yet. Well, the ones that won’t make me mad (I think!)

  12. I just saw this! Hahahah love the chart. I guess you read my blog when you are feeling ambivalent?

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