My Perfect Weekend

A Chapter of Laura Vanderkam’s book “All The Money In The World” focuses on a reader’s perfect weekend.  For most people, the perfect weekend involves spending money, even if it doesn’t have to be high amounts.  Even if you focus on quality time with friends and family, there is usually some spending on food, entertainment or other expenditures.

This got me thinking about my perfect weekend.  While the book and most people would lay it out by time, I thought I would just list ideas and categorized by costs:


  • Sleep, Sleeping In, Napping.
  • Sex.
  • Play with kids. 
  • Go to the park with family. 
  • Go to a friend’s house and watch DVDs.
  • Read a library book or a favorite old book. 
  • Stay up late.
  • Take a long, leisurely walk in a park, preferably by a pond


  • Exercising (can be a DVD or using the gym membership, which is a cost). 
  • Watch a marathon of a favorite show (netflix or already owned)
  • A nice meal at home (cooked by my husband)
  • Starbucks cappuccino or latte
  • Calling in sick (I’m counting this as a “cost” since this would deduct from my sick days.  For some reason, things that are a bit off the straight and narrow really appeal to me!)
  • Massage ( from husband)
  • Taco or Tamales night


  • Hire a personal assistant to tackle all the things I hate doing, like help clean out the garage, mopping, getting oil change, handwashing clothes, washing dogs, washing dog mats at the laundromat, etc..the list goes on! (Or I could just switch places with some A-List celebrity for a day?)
  • Massage and Facial (can be fairly inexpensive if you get a good deal on Groupon or LivingSocial; also see low-cost option above!)
  • Expensive dinner out – sushi?
  • Baby sitter for one night (can also barter this if you have a trustworthy friend/neighbor/family member)
  • Hotel stay near the beach
  • Drinks at a bar (something we rarely/never get to do!)

How would you plan out your perfect weekend? It starts Friday evening!


3 responses to “My Perfect Weekend

  1. My perfect weekend (absent of say, waking up to news that a grant proposal or paper has been accepted or there’s been some other kind of windfall not really under my control) looks almost identical to your no-cost weekend. And that’s what we do several weekends out of the month. Too many weekends and we get wanderlust though. That whole diminishing marginal utility thing strikes again. Have your perfect weekend too many weekends in a row and it stops being so appealing.

    • The diminishing returns affects me too. I have to remember to spice up my weekends so that one is more social and another is mellow!

  2. I always say that I am “Cheap to keep”….walks, cuppa at a friends houses, lovely home cooked meals, the odd lunch out, quality time with friends or family, diner with friends…we all bring a dish to share. My favourite times always are about who I am with not really what we are doing.

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