Clean For A Day

Sometimes I wonder if paying for cleaning help is worth it. We can only afford someone every other week.  That allows us to skip on bigger hated chores like mopping floors, scrubbing the tub, and deep cleaning the kitchen.  However, it doesn’t allow us to avoid the many oh-so-fun daily and weekly chores like vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the toilet, laundry etc.. The worse part is that the after glow wears off so quickly. After the cleaning lady leaves, I can even go barefoot on the spotless kitchen floor and not worry about stepping on suspicious-looking sticky spots.  I can see the bottom of a shining white sink.  Even though I don’t strive for Martha Stewart perfection, I admit that I love a clean house (or more truthfully, a clean kitchen and bathroom!)  The problem is that this clean state lasts all of one day, if we’re lucky!  It takes the kids less than 10 minutes to dirty up the kitchen or put us in such a harried state that we start leaving stuff in the sink.  When all is said and done, we rarely enjoy the clean space for more than a day!

To answer my own question, I do think it is well worth it for us, even on our tight budget. While the cleaning lady was working, I had some leisure time to enjoy being home with the kids. The youngest was very wary of a stranger in the house and clung to my every step for the first hour.  I sat and play with them for most of the 2 hours; or watched them play together.  Afterwards, I had the extra energy to tackle some additional chores like ironing, changing bed sheets and cooking lunch for Monday.  It was nice.


3 responses to “Clean For A Day

  1. Well sounds like you have answered your own question. Some things in life are worth paying for… is winter right now for me and I hate being cold, (we live in a cold region of Australia..near the snowfields)….the cost of running a fire 24/7 to me is well worth it and a cost that I am happy to factor in to our budget!

  2. Our house doesn’t stay clean long, either. But- the cleaner removes the dust, which helps my allergies/asthma, and that is worth a lot of money to me! And I like the fact that having the cleaner come twice a month keeps the house from sliding towards health hazard status. We don’t do as much in between cleaning as you, I don’t think. I’ll clean the toilets on an off week if they have somehow gotten disgusting or if we have guests coming over. And I never dust/vacuum on the off weeks.

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