Vacation Tally

  1. One book
  2. One exercise class
  3. Two Movies
  4. Two Family Outings (including the beach and live music concert, both firsts for the kids)
  5. Two tubs of sweet organic strawberries
  6. Two chores completed (that I’ve been putting off for weeks…)
  7. Three Meals out
  8. Four loads of dishes (loaded/unloaded)
  9. Six loads of laundry*
  10. Six tantrums (I didn’t count but I assume once per day…)
  11. Six glorious days of sleeping in!

As you can see from the six loads of laundry, things did not always go as I planned.  I wanted to exercise more.  I would have loved to get one extra organizational chore out of the way and off my mind.  And of course I wanted to unload fewer dishes!  On the second day of my staycation, my husband had to remind me to enjoy myself.  It was a much-needed reminder as I was focusing on the pitfalls of staying home (laundry, dishes..) and not the fun part (sleeping in, kids, family time)…

* I did not tally my chores against my husband’s. Two of those loads were my clothes (he does his own) while the other four were baby/kid clothes.  To his credit, he did some kid-proofing, changed air filters, took out the trash a few times, also unloaded dishes, probably cooked dinner a few times, and took care of the dogs, a chore I hate!


One response to “Vacation Tally

  1. Strawberries! One of the tasks I detest the most is laundry. Kudos to you for getting that done on vacation. I think you need a vaction from your vacation now. 😉

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