While Your Family Was Out Picking Strawberries or Whale Watching….

As you may have guessed, my summer “vacation” was less than spectacular.  I had to include doing laundry as one of my vacation accomplishments.  Anyway, I was thinking that if my kids kept a tally of their fun summer, it would be a major fail.  Luckily of course they don’t keep a tally…

However if they did, this is what I imagine they would include on their list, plus commentary:

  1. 1 concert in the park  (music was ok but loved water toys and tables)
  2. 1 aquarium visit (not as exciting as Nemo)
  3. 1 Kid Museum day (love the colorful balls and slides)
  4. 2 Mall Visits (loud music, lots of people and toys)
  5. 3 Library Visits (books…bleh..)
  6. 1 Coffee Shop Visit (it’s fun to topple other people’s cups!)
  7. 1 Beach Trip (let’s run into the ocean! I hate sand on my feet…)
  8. 1 Birthday Party (balloons…)

If you consider that I read several local parenting websites and regularly check out their family event calendars, this list is pretty pathetic.  We have good reasons for missing out on activities and events, but still… I do  hope to squeeze in a few family outings before month’s end.  We’ll see…

What fun things did you do this summer? Oh wait, don’t tell me…

5 responses to “While Your Family Was Out Picking Strawberries or Whale Watching….

  1. Picking fruit is definitely not my idea of fun.

    I haven’t done anything awesome this summer because this is my busy season for work. I do fun things in the winter though.

  2. DC1 got to watch DC2 being born. Does that count?

    We didn’t do much this summer because I was pretty much under house arrest for much of it.

  3. I must admit, I’m somewhat relieved to hear someone address the fact that all those “vacations” people talk about online make the rest of us feel like paltry parents or just plain pitiful.

    For some of us, $$, circumstances, or both prevent the theoretical summer vacation. That said, kids being allowed to douse each other with water balloons, sleep late, watch stupid movies… what with all the pressure during the school year… shouldn’t that count?

    And by the time they’re teens, they want to hang with their friends. Period.

    And as far as I’m concerned, anything without doing dishes or laundry counts as a Good Time Had By All!

    • BigLittleWolf — You’re right. Those little things should count, and I bet many kids are just happy with those simple things.

  4. Hush — I wonder picking fruit would truly be fun.. Maybe it will just make kids realize how hard it is to work on a farm! I just keep seeing this activity on parenting websites and they make it look fun.

    N&M — That counts!

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