Un-Social Media

For weeks, I’ve been playing an online game where I’m matched with random opponents.   It’s possible to text your opponent and one regular player started texting me.  From the person’s name, I gathered that “it” was a she.  However, she recently asked me if I was married.  To be polite, I replied but I try to keep my answers short.  However, she has already told me that she is divorced, age, location and that her husband cheated on her.   I really don’t care to know that much about a random stranger just because we like the same online game.  I also want to play the game, not text back and forth!  In this day of online games, I am sure it can be more common. 

I just don’t understand the need.  It’s not like we’re even blogging “buddies” with a common interest like food, design or something.  I’m talking about playing “Words with Friends” which is basically scrabble on your phone.  We could be completely different with very different favorite activities, unless you count this silly online game.   I’m tempted to stop playing with her.  I really don’t want to get personal.  I’m just glad that this person isn’t local although she would probably want to meet up if she ever visited my city.  I cannot imagine telling my husband that we need to meet up with my online gaming buddy for drinks.   What would you do? Have you ever encountered this?


5 responses to “Un-Social Media

  1. Bizarre, freaky, creepy. DO NOT ENGAGE.

  2. This is why I only play those games with the people I already know on social media. Because I find that really creepy.

  3. I would be wary, anyone can say anything behind the disguise of the WWW. I would not trust that “she” is a she???? Many of people have been caught out by internet deceit….I would tread carefully and not divulge any personal info. Playing a game is one thing sharing quite personal info and asking you for your personal info is another.

  4. Thanks all for your response and advice. I think I’ll take it and disengage!

  5. Yeah, I agree, I would disengage as well. I don’t even tell people I know IN REAL LIFE this personal stuff unless we’ve become friends!

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