An Extra 20 Minutes?

We have made zero progress on moving but I’m already contemplating the difference between shortening my commute by 20 or 30 minutes a day.  It seems like a huge difference somehow.

With 30 minutes, I feel like I could squeeze in a work-out. I have some 15-to-2o minute workout videos so I could get ready and do an entire work-out with that extra time.  However, in my mind, 20 minutes is not the same…

With 30 minutes, I feel like I save so much driving time that it would justify a higher rent.  With 20 minutes, my commute would still be on the long-ish side (40 minutes going home) and I would still be tired from the daily battle.  Somehow paying a lot more in rent doesn’t seem quite so worthwhile.

Of course the reason this is even an issue is that all the places that “fit” our requirements are in higher cost areas.  I have narrowed it down to 2 neighborhoods and hence the above dilemma.  Costs vary a lot depending on the house size, schools and exact location, so it’s not as simple as closer to work = cheaper. 

I know I should add up those 20 minutes and think of it as all the time saved per week.  I just worried that 20 minutes is likely to be consumed by TV time or chores rather spending time with my kids or something more productive.  Is it strange to think that 10 minutes makes such a difference in my mind?

5 responses to “An Extra 20 Minutes?

  1. Not at all! On Saturday I got my hair done, and although the appointment was for color and cut, we wound up only doing the color. So I had about 25 minutes to work with, and instantly came up with a whole string of things I could do with that time.

    But if I could cut 20 minutes off of my commute, I’d be able to straighten up a room when I got home from work. And while that doesn’t sound exciting, it would mean that our home would be tidier and we’d feel more peaceful in it.

  2. Oh, and 30 minutes would mean I could vacuum.

  3. 🙂 I’m with you on the vacuuming. I have about a 20-30 minute commute (depending on when i leave) and I can’t imagine making it longer. Even if you find productive commute uses (podcasts, etc.), it makes a huge difference and I find i get a lot done with my evenings, even if i work from home a bit

  4. Any time saved is great, if for different reasons per increment. I used to cherish every minute because each one meant something different in between school and work. Two minutes extra meant I could race to the bathroom, three meant I could also grab a bite of food, four or five meant I could organize a snack for Mom, any more than that meant I could maybe check mail or do something for me. Ten or fifteen was like a gift from the heavens and I could lay down on the ground to rest before running off to work again!

    Now, ten minutes are differently cherished but still beloved 😀

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