All Caught Up

I would like to go on record that for 2 days, I was officially caught up on ALL my chores and errands. 

I opened up my to-do list and saw that I had no errands pending.  There was only major errand that I was hoping to pawn off to my husband.  (He ended up doing this without me even having to ask!  I think he’s husband of the year now..)

I was supposed to call someone back but not for a few days.

Our household was stocked in terms of paper goods, supplies, diapers, wipes and food.  My shopping list was blank!

We didn’t even have social engagements lined up.  There were no upcoming birthdays to remember or parties.  I suppose this was like the lull in the storm before the holiday season.

I was swamped at work but I don’t really count that. 

Of course, two days later, the to-do and my to-buy list suddenly started swelling up again.  Oh well, I really enjoyed that “caught up” feeling!

6 responses to “All Caught Up

  1. Hah, I don’t think i’ve ever been caught up, but it’s because I *always* have some low priority, lingering stuff I’d like to do if i ever get the time. Like frame and hang those pictures we bought in Hawaii in 2006, sigh. So yay for you for not having those kind of crappy items on your list!!

    • Oh I hate those types of things, but yeah, I don’t really put that stuff on my todo list. Maybe that’s why I never get those done!

  2. For me “caught up” is like chasing that elusive end of the rainbow, I never seem to find it. For every tick off the list a newbie seems to appear. Good on you for being on top of it all! It must feel dreamy!

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