Mother of the Year

True story/confession. I went to CVS to buy 2 medications for my kids.  As I was making my way to check-out, I got distracted by the make-up section. After much deliberation, I picked up 2 items.  I had a beauty discount coupon so I thought I would calculate if it was really saving me money or not. Anyway, after taking out the coupon and my CVS card from my wallet, I started walking to the cashier with only 2 of the 4 items in my hands. Guess which two?

Answer: Beauty items, not the medications. Luckily I remembered and hurried back to the shelf before I was actually in line!

Surprisingly, I’m one of the moms who feels the least guilt for working.  I miss them like crazy and I feel all kinds of emotion for not always being available, but guilt, not so much.

8 responses to “Mother of the Year

  1. Guilt is over-rated. Save it for things that actually deserve it!

  2. Remembering before you hit the checkout does not count as forgetting. 😉

  3. I have been both a stay at home mum and a working mum……..if you let yourself you can feel guilt either way! I agree with nicoleandmaggie guilt is over- rated and I am glad that you don’t feel guilty for working. Each mum should be able to feel good about whatever choice she makes!

  4. I remember reading somewhere about how we overuse the word “guilt”, and I think sometimes it’s a social reflex. Like “oh, I feel guilty I didn’t bake brownies for the bake sale and bought them instead” when really, I don’t feel guilty about it at all but it seems like the socially appropriate thing to say. I try really hard not to do this but have noticed it a lot amongst the mom-friends.

  5. Thanks all for addressing the “guilt” factor. I think I say that word out of habit and I must learn more adjectives and stop saying it!

  6. I could (and have and did) feel all KINDS of family-care or overworked person guilt but forgetting something I meant to get them at the store? And remembering before leaving? I’d prefer to count that as a moment of comic relief.

    Unrelated to family-related foibles, I have actually walked from my office to another room, mulling something the whole way, arrived in less than 30 seconds, stopped and asked myself out loud why I came to the restroom in the first place. I was *not* in the restroom. “Huh. Wait a minute. Oooh. Kay….” I figure I don’t laugh enough in my day anyway.

    • Yes, it was kind of funny. Although I am not sure if I almost made that mistake because I’m overworked or if I just like pretty cosmetics way too much!

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