Blogging Is Failing As A Journal

A while back, I wrote about being embarrassed about past journal entries, especially those around the pre-teen and teen years.  After skimming through a few, I destroyed them all.  I would rather not remember details than have someone stumble upon by accident.  I sort of hope that blogging would take the place of these angst-filled journals.

The problem is that I hesitate to document my day-to-day life even if I’m anonymous.  If I read between the lines of my own past posts, I can gauge my mood and sometimes remember the impetus for certain thoughts or rants.  However, most of the time, the post is too vague to help me recall events.  Part of me really wants to remember my life more clearly, especially where the kids are concerned.  Part of me wants to retain my privacy.  I know a few “mom” bloggers who struggle with this as their kids get older.  It’s one thing to share the cute/funny/bad of life with babies and toddlers; it’s another thing when the kids are old enough to understand and may not want their private life in the public eye.

For now, I have no answer except to keep on blogging, since I don’t only need this outlet for journaling.

How private or public is your blog?  Do you worry about your kid/family’s privacy? 


2 responses to “Blogging Is Failing As A Journal

  1. I am not really private on my blog–I don’t announce my last name, but you can figure it out within about, oh, 1 or 2 clicks if you care. And if you google my real name, you will end up on my blog eventually (usually through social media). I post about my son, and post pictures of him on the blog (and all around the web), and talk about the ins and outs of my family.

    My rule of thumb, though, tends to be that I write about ME and MY feelings as opposed to what my son is doing/going through. It’s a subtle distinction sometimes–I can write about how it’s affecting me that he’s having night terrors, or how I felt like a parenting failure all through the 2’s because he is such a wild child, but I don’t write about “these are his milestones & what he’s up to on a day to day level.” It makes sense in my head anyway.

    I also have a very strict rule: if it would embarrass ME to read about myself that way, I won’t write it. No potty training, no bathtub photos, none of that stuff. I’m pretty easy to embarrass too, so it’s a fairly good barometer.

  2. I know what you mean. My blog does not use my name and only a few very close friends even know about it. My workmates do not know about it but I am fully aware that one day they might stumble across my words so I am careful not to use exact events/situations that might ruffle any feathers. Many of my posts are written from things that happen daily, my relationships, some even about my kids but you as the reader would not know that. I try to make it somewhat generic so not to offend or have a subject directly about someone, but I still make the point I want to. I don’t want to censure my writing too much but I don’t want people to read it and say “How dare she!” My teen kids would kill me if I wrote specifics and I rememeber only too well being a teen and being really angry with my mum about just “talking” about me – let alone typing it up in black and white for the world to see. I figure each of us is the best guide to know who our readers are, what our family would think and what is acceptable. I think for each of us it will be a very different choice.

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