Not Caught Up

I knew this post would come back to haunt me. Due to a super busy work/life period, it feels like my/our to-do list has become a mile long.  Everyone needs  shots (even the dogs). It’s time for an oil change.  The house is a mess, especially the floors.  I can count 2 to 3 random tech-related things that we need to address before we fall back into the stone age.  There is a crib-full of baby laundry.  I have to drop off some things at the drycleaner.  I’ve had a bag of clothes to donate in the trunk of my car for 3+ weeks.  And we really should clean out the garage so that I can finally make one big trip to Goodwill.  I definitely have to do laundry soon.  Work has slowed down, which helps, but I have to do something to stave boredom off and work on  “managing” my career before the next evaluation.

2 responses to “Not Caught Up

  1. Can I just borrow your post? Because I have pretty much forgotten everything I need to do and still need to do. o_o

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