An Extra Hour Per Day!

As a result of our move, I’ve gain about an extra hour per day — half an hour in the mornings and half an hour in the evenings.  Even though we moved over a month ago,  I haven’t done anything concrete with that extra time, other than unpacking and decorating, but I would love some advice.

I know that some super-motivated time management gurus would suggest exercising or tackling a major project in the mornings.  After all, sleeping in isn’t really taking advantage of that extra time. However, I’m going to say now that sleeping in is my plan for the extra morning half hour.

What I am asking for is advice on what to do with the other half hour, after work. I really don’t want to waste it on watching TV or surfing the web.

Here are my ideas:

Nurture Relationships: Having more time and energy for kids and husband is always a plus. I want to really enjoy this extra time.  I promised my husband I would be less that can be a hard resolution to keep…

Career management: I can update my C.V., browse websites for job opportunities, update my Linked In profile, read career-related materials (which can also be done at lunch), attend networking functions.  I would love specific action items / tips.  BTW, here are some great career-building tips from Cloud/Wandering Scientist.

Exercise: At least once per weekday, I plan to take a class.  I’m also taking walks around neighborhood and can go to the park more often.  Now I can get home and take a nice walk with the kids in the time it used to take me to drive all the way home!

Cook and Plan Meals: I’ve slacked off in this area and would love to start planning healthier meals on weeknights, rather than relying on Trader Joe’s.

Chores…Ugh: I want to do some smaller chores on weeknights rather than saving them up for weekends.  With a long commute, I was tired and short on time. Now I guess I could pick up a mop once in a while. There are two almost opposing challenges to this idea. I hate chores YET I also worry that I’ll use my valuable “extra” time to doing chores.

What would you do with an extra half hour per night?  

7 responses to “An Extra Hour Per Day!

  1. In my job change ,I too have gained extra time before and after work. I have no set plan for this time but use it to: make phone calls etc that I can’t do at work e.g get insurance quotes; account queries etc, do grocery shopping, before collecting kids off school bus, walk the dogs, cook nicer meals and catch up on chores.
    I don’t feel as rushed any more and am getting on top of stuff. Whatever you do…..Enjoy! I know it that 30 minutes does n ot sound like much but it really helps.

  2. That’s five options and five days a week–why not come up with a plan that allows you to do a little of each over the course of a week?

  3. I’m facing the reverse of this next year- my company is moving to a less convenient location for me. I haven’t decided how to deal with it. I am giving serious thought to changing jobs because of this! I think commute time can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

    When I decided to make an extra 30 minutes in my day by getting up 30 minutes earlier, I made a schedule, similar to what @Tragic Sandwich recommends. It works well- but I also vary it depending on mood (and whether or not a child has woken up early).

  4. Sleeping for an extra hour a day can add years to your life and make you happier, apparently! Sleeping is definitely not a waste of time in my book.

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