When Is It Enough?

Thoughts on the Connecticut elementary school shooting: 

Mr. Obama said today that “we have been through this too many times” and “that “we are going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.”

When will that day come? It did not come after the 1999 Columbine shooting, or the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, or the murders in Aurora.”



In China, on the same day as the connecticut tragedy, a man wounded 22 schoolchildren and 1 adult.  Another country, another example of insanity, but the difference is that he had a knife and wounded the kids.  Say what you will about China but it’s not easy to get your hands on assault rifles.  Would you rather have a wounded child or a dead one?

Europe has tougher laws on guns as well. And while similar crimes can happen, it’s a true rarity. 

I hate that the gun advocates have such influence on our society…can’t we just toughen the laws and see if it helps to reduce these atrocities? What we have now doesn’t work.

When is it finally going to be enough?



3 responses to “When Is It Enough?

  1. I am Australian and we have much tougher laws here and I am so glad that we do. Whenever we hear of these senseless shootings in the US we are completely puzzled and shocked as to why your laws are not tightened up immediately. I know you have the “right to bare arms” but you also have the right to live in as much safety as possible. I hope and pray that someone over there will have the courage to make a change and make it fast. I feel so sad for everyone involved. From the other side of the world…..please change your gun laws?????

  2. “I hate that the gun advocates have such influence on our society…can’t we just toughen the laws and see if it helps to reduce these atrocities?”

    Amen. As a left-liberal it has always seemed totally obvious to me that the gun hobbies of the minority should never come before the public safety needs of the majority – but yet they do, thanks in no small part to our entrenched pay-for-influence political system, and our politicized Supreme Court who says corporations have free speech rights equal to those of actual human beings.

  3. I believe it is because of the Almighty Dollar. Gun sales have increased dramatically since Obama took office and stock prices of firearm manufactures are through the roof. Weapons manufacturing is the one area in which we excel. In our culture, profit trumps everything, even the lives of children.

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