Random Thoughts on Moving

This are some random thoughts I wrote down when the move was fresh in my mind. Don’t know why I feel like sharing this…

I like ‘newness’ in general — the new house smell, sparkling tiles, clean window panes and spotless floors — I think my inner Martha Stewart is taking over!

I am now down to six pairs of work shoes. During the move, I quickly discarded or donated worn-out pairs rather than haul them along to the new house. (I need to buy at least 2 new pairs…it’s become a need, not want!)

I don’t mind change as much as I thought.

I love this ‘minimalist’ period even if it’s forced and somewhat false, because the super clean magazine-like environment is temporary due to unpacked boxes (still) and indecision on decor. I’m hoping to keep this new space clean and spare, but it’s not all up to me and the practical aspects of living and cooking will add to a more cluttered or lived-in look.

I think my mom and I are bonding over like-minded housekeeping, strange as it seems to write this. We’re both at about the same level of cleanliness although she is more efficient and has more time for the upkeep, and I think she appreciates the way I/we have decorated this new place.

We need the internet.

I should move every few years just to experience this newness!


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