26 + 1 Acts of Kindness?

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, there was a feel-good movement to do 26 acts of kindness in honor of the 26 victims of the shooting, not counting the mother Nancy Lanza. I haven’t followed this “movement” and I don’t know if people count small acts of kindness toward random strangers, like paying for someone’s cup of coffee. However, I personally feel that those 26 acts have to be more than small gestures and should include activism that could prevent future tragedies.

As I wrote on my blog and as comments on other people’s blogs, I truly don’t believe it requires a complicated solution. Similar tragedies in Australia, Europe and elsewhere have resulted in tighter gun/ammunition laws, resulting in lower gun fatality rates and near non-existence of massive shootings that are more commonplace in our gun-rights insanity. This is when the false freedom of a minority puts the majority in serious danger. I fear the day I have to send my kids to school.

For me, I’m planning to do my own 27 acts of kindness/activism. I might not log it publicly but this will include signing the gun control petition that’s circulating on the white house website, writing a letter or two, keeping informed of the issue, and as my 27th act in recognition of the murdered mother, figure out something I can do related to mental illness.

I will also try to focus my 27 acts (or possibly donations) on things that help kids and education/schools.

Here’s to a happier 2013!


7 responses to “26 + 1 Acts of Kindness?

  1. I really hope that change can come from this. Good on you for doing what you can. As you mentioned we had a mass shooting in Australia in 1996 and 35 people were killed. We changed our guns laws and we have never had another mass shooting since. Please join foraces over there and change your gun laws. Putting armed guards in every school, church, picture cinema etc will not solve anything.

  2. I think I have one final gun-related post I need to write, which I’ll write in the next couple of weeks.

    On the fear thing- look up California’s gun laws. It will probably make you feel a bit better. It certainly did for me. We outlawed high capacity magazines ages ago. There is more we could do, but we’re in better shape than most other states.

  3. “not counting the mother Nancy Lanza.”

    Not 27, huh. Why am I not surprised? But isn’t that terribly unkind to leave out Nancy Lanza? Hell, even Sports Illustrated included Nancy Lanza in its photo memorial list of the people killed in Newtown.

    A woman’s son cures cancer, she gets none of the credit. A woman’s son shoots up a school, she gets all of the blame. I know I’ve been saying this since the day it happened, and nobody wants to hear it, but can we please stop blaming the mother for everything anyone anywhere ever does that is wrong?

    • Yeah, the “movement” did not count the mother. That’s why I’m adding the +1 for an act that addresses mental illnesses. I haven’t followed her saga but it seems like she tried her best but serious mental illness is too much for one person to handle, especially with the husband out of the picture after their divorce.

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