What Won’t You Pay For?

I love reading magazines, from money to fashion/design to family/parenting, to the point that I could easily subscribe to a dozen.  However, in the interest of saving money and reducing temptations, I limit myself to 3 or less at a time.

Despite my love of magazines, I haven’t paid for a subscription in years, not since getting my first free subscription via expiring airlines miles.   After that, I realized that there are a few ways to get my fix for free.  This works for me because no magazine is a must-have for me.  I enjoy Real Simple and Self, but as long as I get any glossy lifestyle magazine, I’m pretty happy.

In addition to airline miles, which I can never seem to redeem for travel, I have also gotten free magazines via online surveys.  I don’t waste too much time on these but I’m part of a consumer panel and I actually enjoy giving feedback so it doesn’t feel like a waste of time.  Over the years, I’ve gotten 15 – 20 free subscriptions from Lucky to Smartmoney to Martha Stewart Living.

Another way I’ve gotten free magazines is via purchases.  It’s not so common but Harry & David had a promotion — offering a free subscription with X amount purchase.   I had to email customer service but it was really easy and I think I got Sunset or Martha Stewart Living magazine. I also got a free issue of Dwell from an online furniture/decor store.

Right now I have 3 magazines coming in — 1 via surveys and 2 via Recyclebank participation.  I’m still not sure how Recyclebank works (or makes money) but I get points for reporting my recycling so I figure why not participate.

Anyway, this post wasn’t supposed to only be about ways to get free magazines. I was just wondering if other people had similar experiences.  One friend finds it hard to pay for designer jeans because she used to get it for nearly free via a work connection.  Another friend hates to pay for parking. Do you have something (or things) that you just can’t bring yourself to pay for?

4 responses to “What Won’t You Pay For?

  1. I had to wrack my brain on this one because I generally throw money at problems, and am more protective of my time. I find it hard to pay for someone else to do my taxes. I used to do them for other people when I was much younger, and I still find it so much easier to do my own.

  2. Yup, definitely! Books! Movies! Hair removal!

    (and more…. http://nzmuse.com/2012/02/things-i-dont-and-wont-pay-for/)

  3. Right now… socks and underpants. I have enough to fill several lifetimes. I do not know why, just that I have a giant garbage bag full of them next to my dresser on top of the ones in my dresser. (When something in the dresser wears out, I dig through the bag and stick something in the wash to replace it.) If they ever all wear out it will be difficult to get into the idea of buying them again.

    (Also: DH buys me underwear from time to time with his allowance.)

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