A Second To-Do List

I currently have my main to-do list (with about 10 items) and a 2nd priority list that comprises of less important things that still need to be done but with less urgency.  On occasion I can delete things but in general all these items really need to be done,  at some point.  I realized that I’ve simply been moving items from my main list to my 2nd priority list just to get the feeling of getting things done.   Sad, I know!

Note: Most of the items cannot be outsourced. It’s either small stuff like handwashing sweaters or financial/health-related (privacy concerns).


One response to “A Second To-Do List

  1. David Allen writes about the someday/maybe list in his books, which is what it sounds like your secondary to-do list is. I think it’s a good idea. You set primary to-dos at a manageable level (10) but of course, this is not all the things you’d like to do in the universe. It’s all psychological. If you get the ten done, great! You’re feeling good! Whereas if you had one endless to-do list, you’d never feel like you had reached completion.

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