Friends Of Different Races

My husband and I were discussing the idea of hosting a party and the subject of guest list came up.  Depending on the size of the party, our guest list would vary. The interesting thing that stuck out in my mind was that if the party was large enough, we would easily have 4-5 black guests (African-American..what is correct to say right now?).  If we narrowed the list to 8 people, 2 would still be black/African-American.  The reason this stuck out in my mind is that it seems most people hang out with people of their own race.  When we go to parties with our white or Asian friends, most of the guests come from those 2 groups with the majority being white either way.  There might be a few Hispanics and maybe 1 black (if that!), and this person is usually a hipster type with a non-black significant other. Or think of TV shows like “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother”, where interactions are almost always with white people even though these shows take place in ethnically-diverse New York City.

All my life, most of my friends have been mostly Asian or white, the predominant culture that I grew up with, and my husband is white.  The other race I’m most comfortable with has been Hispanic, since I grew up with Hispanics as well.  I can easily count 4 Hispanics who were/are good friends and one woman I consider my BFF is Hispanic.

I’m not writing this to pat myself or ourselves on the back (s) for having friends outside our race.  It’s just nice that race hasn’t really been an issue in terms of making friends.

Of course, I realize that the area  you live in plays a major role in developing friendships.

How about you? If you threw a party, who would make it on your guest list?Are your friends mostly from the same ethnic/cultural background?  


6 responses to “Friends Of Different Races

  1. Most of mine are Asian, including Indian, with a few whiteys thrown in there 🙂 Our wedding will be probably slightly Asian skewed. There’s my Chinese family, his Caucasian family, my Indian girlfriends, his white guy friends, and my guy friends who are a mix of whites and Asians.

    If we had more room, I would invite some of my university friends, who again are probably equally split white/Asian.

  2. I live in a small country town, in Victoria, Australia. I am sad to say we do not have any black people in our town and not much cultural variance outside of our town. The main ethnic diversity we have is 2nd/3rd generation Italians….but that is about it. So sadly we have no other race friends, colleagues etc. It is one of the very few downsides to living in the country here.

    • Yes, geography definitely plays a role. I find it interesting though that many people in urban areas still self-segregate although I think it’s even less diverse in TV/movies than in real life. My husband and his Italian friends are always shocked when they come to L.A. and see so many minorities (not reflected at all on TV shows like Beverly Hills 90210, The O.C., etc..)

  3. What an interesting topic! Growing up in Miami, almost ALL of our friends are Hispanic. I didn’t meet “white” people until I went to a small town for university. Now that I live in Barcelona, our friends are Catalan, Spanish, Americans (white), South African, and Italian. I love having a varied bunch around our little one. I want him to learn to love all people regardless of their race or background.

  4. I’m multiracial (i’m told i look like mariah carey), my hubby is white, my BFF since jr high is Black, and my other BFF since college is Indian. Hubby’s 2 BFFs from college are Chinese-American, and his local BFFs are Indian and Latino. Apparently, we aren’t friendly with white folks (unless they’re married to people of color).

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