Story Of A Purse

I’ve never thought of myself as a purse lover.  When I look through magazines, I don’t really get excited about the new “it” purses.  I never aspired to own designer purses.  I have exactly 3 purses for work — 2 in black, and 1 fabric/brown for summer and spring, plus a few smaller ones for weekends but my “collection” would certainly not peg me as a purse aficionado.

Now for the confession which you probably could guess was coming… I splurged on a beautiful black leather bag. This is now one of my 2 black work bags.  I bought it partly because my other black bag had seen better days and I thought I needed another option.  I also loved the design and quality of this $400 bag*.  And it was on sale. And I had gotten a small bonus which I promised to use for a splurge rather than saving it as usual.

I had been eyeing this purse for weeks (months) and it was not going on sale.  It had gotten excellent reviews online regarding its quality and versatility.  I had small hopes that it would go on sale or if it did, my color would be sold out.  Of course I think that the purse may become a permanent part of the designer’s line-up as it seems quite popular. 

I’m glad I bought it.

The reason for my lack of expensive purses is not that I can’t afford one or that I don’t sometimes admire nice-quality purses.  It’s just that other than the workplace, I can usually be found running errands at decidedly normal places like Walmart, Costco, Target, CVS, and the occasional fast food joint.  I have seen women carrying expensive purses into McDonalds, for example, but it seems like an odd juxtaposition to me.  I feel like I should be dining at a nice restaurant, not throwing my beautiful leather bag on a vinyl dining booth seat.

In other words, my beautiful bag doesn’t seem utilitarian enough for my simple lifestyle (and one that involves messy toddlers, too!)  I’m wondering if others have this same thought as I do.  Do expensive purses fit your lifestyle, or do you not even consider this?

* After a 20% discount and some credit card rewards, the total was about $330 including taxes.  Shipping was free. Still high for me!

7 responses to “Story Of A Purse

  1. Photo, or it didn’t happen 😉

    I used to buy purses all the time, the cheapy ones that would go on sale at Macy’s. Before kids, I even used to change my purse with my outfit. But now, I’m over it, and I’m over the cheap stuff, too. So I use one purse at a time. (though i do have a few of the old ones left in case the current bag really doesn’t match and I need to look more respectable.)

    I can justify spending more if I’ve only got one purse and it needs to last, but I still can’t bring myself to go above $125. Though I did fall in absolute LOVE with a Balenciaga bag at Neiman Marcus – price tag = $5,000. But there’s no way I would have bought it because with my luck, I’d lose it, or someone would spill something on it. (That and it cost more than my first car.)

    I like having fewer nice things than a lot of cheap things. And I’m cool with taking them to McDonalds for my $1 diet Coke 🙂

  2. I carry around a conference bag from a 2005 or so conference. For a while I was carrying around the limited edition Medela bag, but then they made it no longer limited edition, meaning people recognized it as a breast pump bag (though we are using it as a diaper bag for #2). I’ve been considering getting a coach bag to use for this purpose, now that I can no longer pretend I am anything but an adult. My mom has a nice one that my sister got her years ago that is still in amazing shape.

  3. Why not put your nice purse in a diner? I don’t see the point of buying something beautiful and lovely if you aren’t going to use it. With that kind of quality, it will last longer and longer than any cheap bag. Don’t be afraid to use it 🙂

    $2000 sounds insane to me. $500 I could see. $1000 would be a bag made out of unicorn sheddings (you know no killing of unicorns involved.. just their yearly fur, shedding)

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