Can Someone Who Hasn’t Taken A Real Vacation In Years Not Have ANY Vacation Time?

I apologize for the long title for this post but I’m really puzzled how come I have zero vacation time left when I haven’t gone on a “real” out-of-town vacation in years? I’m not panicking since I will continue to accumulate hours and should accrue enough for some time off during the summer.

I know that I took a day off here and there last summer and around the holidays. Sad to say, except for one beach excursion, I don’t remember what I did on those vacation days.  I guess this is a reminder that rather than picking a random Friday and then see what’s happening around town, I should find a fun activity first and then schedule my vacation time around that event.  Otherwise, I’ll end up staying home and only taking the kids to the park if I’m extra motivated.  Apparently staycations don’t work that well for me, unless I plan in advance.

The good news is that I did plan my upcoming time off so at least I’ll remember what I did with those vacation days!

Are you planning your summer vacation already?  Anyone going on big trips?

5 responses to “Can Someone Who Hasn’t Taken A Real Vacation In Years Not Have ANY Vacation Time?

  1. We usually take a week off in the summer, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to take a trip that long this year–I’m using my vacation for Baguette’s speech therapy appointments.

  2. Hmm, shouldn’t your HR have records of how your time off accumulates and when it’s spent?

    • I do. But I guess I’ve been taking days here and there, not realizing that it has been eroding my days. We don’t see the dates unless we check the system while my last job had the vacation days on the paystub so I was more aware of it!

  3. I had the reverse situation when I checked recently- I was shocked to discover how much time I’ve managed to accumulate. I guess that is a concrete sign that my 3.5 year old doesn’t get sick as much as she used to! I have in the past taken time w/o pay rather than forego a real vacation. I haven’t tried a staycation- I think I’d have to plan it out like a real vacation or risk having your experience of not really remembering it as vacation!

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