The World Is Divided…

I have lots of posts in my head but work is keeping me too busy to write anything substantial, so here’s a random list….or some causes of world divides:

  • Democrat vs. Republicans — I know I’m leaving out Independents, Green Party, etc.
  • Rolling Stone or Beatles — Gen-Y or younger would deem both bands as ancient!
  • Prince vs. Michael Jackson
  • People who like to try new foods or People who don’t
  • People who like spicy foods and People who don’t like spicy foods
  • Team Edward or Team Jacob
  • Dog people vs. Cat People (not sure where horse people fall in this… and I’m not even going to include people who hate animals!)
  • Macs vs. PCs
  • People who like to travel abroad or People prefer to stay home
  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  • Book readers/lovers vs. Non-readers
  • Wuthering Heights vs. Jane Eyre (or neither, you prefer Jane Austen?)
  • People on Facebook or People who are not
  • People who tweet and People who don’t
  • Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera

What other opposing sides can you think of? Which “side” are you on?

16 responses to “The World Is Divided…

  1. I’ve definitely a book reader and a huge fan of Britney (what can I say… teenage loyalties die hard). Some other sides: people who enjoy cooking vs. ones who don’t, chocolate vs. no chocolate, pants vs. skirts, PC vs. Mac, house vs. condo, own vs. rent.

  2. Coke people or Pepsi people! (or, in my case, Diet Coke)

  3. People who can cook and those who can’t even boil water.

    Those who can eat cilantro and those who can’t…

  4. How about those working from home versus those who like the office? I’m launching a discussion about that on my blog today.

  5. Here’s me according to your lists: Independent, Beatles, Prince, try new foods, spicy foods, ‘Twilight’ sux but if you held a gun to my head I’d rather have sex with Edward; dogs, Macs, travel abroad, Star Trek**, book lovers, Jane Eyre, Not on FB, Not on Twitter, tie: Xtina for her vocal skills, Brit Brit as a celebrity. And – no cooking; chocolate, skirts, house/own, Coke, no soapy cilantro, working from home.

    ** See this funny exchange on the psychology of Trek vs Wars fans:

    • @Hush – I’m surprised you’re the first one to respond to all the categories! Now I must check out your link to the psychology of Trek vs. Wars fans!

  6. I don’t remember the movie, but I remember this line: “There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don’t.”
    For the record, I like him.

  7. The first I’m not going to touch. 😛 But here’s the rest: Beatles, (close call but…) MJ, I don’t try new foods very often, don’t like spicy foods, I really could care less about Twilight, cat person, PCs (though mostly because I haven’t had much exposure to Macs…I hear the interface is more intuitive,) LOVE travel, Star Wars, book reader, Wuthering Heights, not on facebook anymore, but I do tweet, and Christina all day.

  8. How about the line from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,”…. “there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who are Greek, and those who wish they were Greek.”
    The first category I thought of was Sudoku vs Crossword puzzle. Guess I’m nerdy that way. Just dropping by from Ginger’s linkup, have some thoughts on your undercover SAHM post but i’ll try to post those there instead of here….

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