Recycling Is A Pain (But I Do It)

If you can make one change a year, I would add recycling a hard-to-recycle item on your list. We’ve struggled with this over the years as we didn’t have curbside recycling for many years, and we still often forget what is or isn’t recyclable.  However, in recognition of Earth Day, I thought I would share some new and old (recycled!) environmentally-friendly tips:

How to recycle even if you can’t get to a facility.  A simple, good idea if I do say so myself!

Recycling AAA batteries!  In addition to Jiffy Lube, I found a nearby hardware store that accepts household batteries. I feel so much better  doing this than dumping this toxic item into the trash.

Who knew you can recycle paint? Apparently in California, you can drop off used household paint at participating retailers like Sherwin-Williams, Vista Paint, Super Hardware (Mission Ace), Dunn Edwards and more.

I still can’t figure out a consistent way to recycle expired medications or Brita filters…

Of course, just as important as recycling is buying and using less stuff in the first place!

How are you doing in terms of recycling? Can someone explain to me how Recyclebank makes profits?

4 responses to “Recycling Is A Pain (But I Do It)

  1. My favorite random recycling option is that you can take used running shoes to most running or sports-specialty stores (Nike Outlet and Roadrunner Sports are two options) and they’ll recycle the soles (or maybe the whole shoe) into those rubbery running tracks.

  2. The stormwater authority in my city will accept hazardous materials including used paint, oil, etc. and dispose of it. I believe you pay a small fee and they will come get it. I just read about a prescription medicine take back day here as well, so if you do some research you might be able to find ways to safely dispose of these items.

  3. Here in Australia each house has a recycle bin and they are collected fortnightly and they are double the size of our rubbish bins,(to encourage more recycling). If you want a larger rubbish bin you have to pay more money. A sticker with everything that can be placed in the recycle bin is under the lid of the bin, so it is easy to know what to recycle. Our local council puts out a brochure with the A to Z of recycling so you can see where you can recycle almost anything you can think off. Is it similiar in the States?

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