Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…And Wait

The lovely purse I bought about 2-3 months ago finally went on sale. It’s about $65 less, plus there was an additional discount coupon on the retailer’s site.  I thought about buying it again and returning one, despite the hassle, but the return period had already expired on my original purse purchase.  Last year, something similar happened on a pair of flats.  While I have had success with waiting for seasonal clearance, I often jump the gun a few months/weeks too soon because I’m afraid they’ll run out of my size or color.  Of course, they never do! It’s not that I regret the purchase but it would save me some serious dough if I practice delayed gratification better!


2 responses to “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…And Wait

  1. I know what you mean–but I also try to keep in mind that I’m buying things that I plan to use for a long time, and over that time, the difference often doesn’t matter much. Amortization!

    • I’ll try to keep amortization in mind! It’s easier now that my taste is more defined and my weight doesn’t fluctuate as much, but I still make missteps because I like to shop online and sometimes you still gotta try and feel the items to really determine value.

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