My Best Decision Ever

I was going to write about my choice of college.  That experience truly shaped the person I am today. I can attribute many later decisions to those 4 years.  However, I could also imagine myself being happy if I had gone to my second choice college.

I was going to write about events that led me to meet my spouse.  Yet, while I can’t imagine anyone making me happier, if I had found someone else, I would never have known and could have been happy, too.  I didn’t even mention children but I’m glad I have them!

Then I thought about choices that led to my current job.  Despite minor complaints, I’m pretty happy with work and I could easily pinpoint good choices that resulted in finding my position and field.  However, my work isn’t  a “true calling” in the sense that I can’t imagine doing anything else.  Since I’ve had several good bosses and many great  co-workers, it’s also easy to believe that I could have landed another job with another company and be just as content.

Then the answer hit me…

It was so obvious….

My best decision ever was moving closer to my work (and parents).  With a shortened commute, I enjoy 2.5 extra hours with my family daily.  I’m more relaxed when I come home and have energy to play in the park, take walks, chitchat about our days, and even exercise on occasion!  In the mornings, I get up later but I now have time to eat breakfast and do light exercises (though it’s usually light stretching and trying to touch my toes!)

Since I don’t battle freeway traffic every morning, I’m more pleasant to be around at work, too.

And no matter where I work, who my spouse is, or where I went to college, I can safely say that a shorter commute is the BEST choice I ever made!

Topic choice courtesy of Ginger at Ramble Ramble.


8 responses to “My Best Decision Ever

  1. Hahaha, great answer!

    Though I still go with my spouse. 😉 I think I could probably enjoy audiobooks if I had to have a longer commute (though thus far we have chosen to only have short commutes).

    • Audio books are good, but after 10+ years of long commutes and crazy L.A. drivers, it’s nice to have a short commute!

      • LA commuting is the WORST. Once when we were visiting, we were trapped on a @#$#@$ing overpass for 40 min. Just the OVERPASS! Not even the highway! Just the small stretch of road that linked two highways!

  2. Yep, that type of gridlock is common!

  3. 2.5 hours more?! OMG, that is amazing. I bet that feels so much better.

  4. Oh man, I’m trying to shorten my commute, and I can honestly say if I manage to do it, it will be in my top 3 best decisions, easy. I LOATHE commuting in SoCal. I can definitely agree this is a big one!

  5. Wow, 2.5 hours is a fabulous amount of time to gain. Makes such a difference in your quality of life. Great decision!

  6. Wow…2.5 hours! Amazing. Great decision!

    I am happy everyday for deciding NOT to move out of the city (where both our jobs are). We both have walking commutes..I may grumble slightly when its 99 degrees out, but I’m still getting my steps in. We definitely will have to move out to the burbs in the next 2-3 years (school system=nightmare) but for now I’m so so happy not to have to drive, train, etc…

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