I won’t be blogging anymore but will leave the site up. You can probably find me commenting on Grumpy Rumblings, Laura Vanderkam or Wandering Cloud.

15 responses to “Goodbye

  1. Oh, I’m sad to read this! But when it’s time, it’s time.

  2. What? Why? *snif*

    Glad you’ll still be commenting with us!

  3. I’ll miss your posts!

  4. Thanks. I’ll still be commenting and reading all of you, too. I always hated it when blogs close without explanation but now I’m doing the same. Basically, I can’t share enough of my life as I need to, YET I want to preserve privacy so I just didn’t know what to do. I may do another blog where I can talk about real issues but I’m unsure at this point.

  5. Best of luck with whatever you do.

  6. I’ll miss reading your posts! But I’m glad you’re still going to visit other blogs and comment.

  7. I’m kind of new here but have always enjoyed your posts, you will be missed! I completely understand what you mentioned about not being able to share what you need to share…I’m running into a similar wall and the blog is getting neglected/boring.

  8. Sorry to hear you won’t be blogging – hope to see you commenting! I’ve enjoyed your posts.

  9. I am much late to this post – but I’m sorry to hear you are stopping. I understand why though, and wish you the best. Hope to keep seeing you around!

  10. Even later than SP as I’ve been very busy but I’m going to miss you as a blogger! Hope to still see you around.

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