My Last Blog Post ?

I hate it when bloggers disappear. Sometimes I even worry a little about ‘missing’ bloggers. What if something happened to that him/her?  So… I keep meaning to write a proper goodbye post.

According to my stats, people still find this space through old comments and links. Since people end up here, I just want to share this sad, tragic story of a poor abused boy named Scotty McMillan. People want to look away and not think about child abuse but it happens every day, often with terrible results.  I don’t know about his family or if this story will fade away but it has changed me.  I will forever support organizations that prevent child abuse and not just ignore it.


3-year old Scotty McMillan

3-year old Scotty McMillan



One response to “My Last Blog Post ?

  1. I hope it’s not your last blog post. I do hope you will get the inspiration to blog again. Thanks for sharing the story abt Scotty. It’s such a sad story.

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