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Back In The Carnival Game…

My recent supermarket savings story made it into the Carnival of Frugality at Sweating the Big Stuff. Check it out.

Lots of interesting reads.  I liked the “controversial” post about frugality due to laziness. I definitely see the blogger’s point. While extreme couponing and deal hunting takes way too much time and effort, I do think it’s more difficult to develop new skills or go the entrepreneurial route to earn more money.

Carnival of Money Stories: Final Four Edition Is Up

Check it out at the Suburban Dollar.  I’m not feeling well enough to say much but I’m sure there are many good posts as usual!

Carnival of Money Stories Is Up At Simply Forties

It’s time for another finance-related Carnival.  Simply Forties included my tips on improving our 9-to-5 worklife because saving money isn’t easy if you hate your job (or don’t make enough to get by).  There are a ton of interesting posts to check out even if you think food, not money, makes the world go around!

Festival of Frugality Is Up at Think Your Way To Wealth

Check out a variety of thoughts about saving money at the Festival of Frugality #218.  Apparently February 21 –  28 is “America Saves Week” — I’m not sure what that is but I guess I have to read more to find out.

Carnival of Money Stories At The Centsible Life

Hopefully you’re too busy enjoying the 3-day weekend.  If not, check out the latest Carnival of Money Stories at the Centsible Life.   My post about the costs of traveling is included.

Yet Another Exciting Edition of Carnival of Money Stories

The Carnival of Money Stories is up at My Journey To Millions!  It’s a great way to discover a variety of interesting bloggers and finance-related stories.  I’m happy that my latest negotiating story made the cut!

Carnival of Personal Finance #235 Is Up

Go check out the latest Carnival of Personal Finance at Well-Heeled, With A Mission.

It includes my post about my addiction to glossy magazines.  Even if you are here for recipes, it’s always helpful to read up on personal finance.  You’ll find information on everything from investing to saving tips, many with a personal angle that makes it more interesting than standard magazine fare.