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No Fear

Another Every Wednesday Post…

Since I’m addressing fears in 2012, I thought I would also note that I don’t fear some things that are fearful for many others.

For example, so far, I haven’t been fearful about aging.  While I use sunblock and try to take care of my skin and hair, I am not fighting the aging process tooth and nail, as so many women seem to do beginning in their 30s and 40s.  I may not embrace gray hairs though. 

I’m not fearful of being alone. I’ve done many things solo from watching movies to eating dinner alone to traveling.  While I think those experiences are usually better with good company, there are times that I really want to do or see something and not having a good companion didn’t stop me from enjoying things. 

I’m not afraid of traveling abroad.  I know many people who hate the idea of being in a foreign country where they don’t know the language.  I always find ways to communicate and enjoy that newness and excitement.

I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of pain and illness but I have a morbid streak that thinks that when your time is up, it’s okay as long as you had lived a full, long life.  Not sure how I will feel about this as I really approach the end of life though!

I’m not afraid of trying strange foods. I’m Chinese. I’ll eat almost anything. It strikes me as odd and a bit sad when I meet people who can’t even try things like chicken feet or smelly REAL cheese!

Do you not fear things that many others are afraid of — like bungee jumping or public speaking?

Do You Really Want To Read About Crock Pots?

Another Every Wednesday Post…

Okay, so I addressed my “fear” of using crockpots and made my first dish which can only be described as a soupy, tomato-y mess that my toddler refuses to eat.  I can only say that it included carrots, onion, chicken breast and tomatoes. I cannot say that it turned out to be any recognizable dish.  My husband did “save” it by re-cooking it for hours with mushrooms. 

Back to the drawing board…