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Dancing Fool, or 13 Going on 40

“13 Going on 30” is an old Jennifer Garner romantic comedy that’s probably best remembered as a female version of “Big”.  There’s a scene where the Garner character revives a boring party by getting everyone to do the Michael Jackson Thriller dance.  If you don’t know what this is, click here or go to YouTube.

Anyway, it’s a silly, fun scene.  Garner is having so much fun that she convinces the “too cool” crowd to act silly for one evening.  One of things I remember thinking was “I would never do it” or I would have to be drunk.  I’ve done my share of goofy things but I’m generally reserved and have some of that “too cool” attitude.   Fear of making a fool of myself comes into play too!

However, this weekend, I got an unexpected chance to cross this off of my “fear” list.  I stumbled into a dance class at my gym, thinking it would be simple faux dance class, not a class where you actually have to memorize steps and do a routine.  I prefer not having to think while I exercise!  Still once I was in there, I wanted to exercise.

As with any class, I could tell that many of the students were regulars.  A few were even dressed like real dancers with ballet-inspired outfits and shoes noticeably less chunky than my aerobic sneakers.  Luckily for me, the teacher that day was a substitute.  Instructors oftentimes go through routines quickly, assuming that the regulars know many of the basic steps.  With a sub, however, all steps are new so we were all on the same level.

The sub was a cheerful British woman with an enthusiasm for Michael Jackson music.  Not only did we dance to Thriller, we were treated to an hour’s worth of music from the King of Pop.  The main “routine” plus the warm-up was definitely inspired by the Thriller video, which meant somewhat awkward jerky movements if you didn’t do it well.  The fear quickly fell away as I sweated and concentrated on just keeping up.   I think I did fairly well as long as I shadowed a very fit regular in front of me.   By the end, I was actually enjoying it!

Now I think I’m a closeted Michael Jackson fan.  The 80s were an awesome decade!


How Quickly We (I) Forget…

This was or is my 2012 resolution: Don’t let my fears hold me back.

Of course I’ve been coasting merrily along with life and have forgotten about actively tackling any fears.  I have crossed off little “fears” like crock pot cooking and learning to do eye make-up (well, at least trying..) but I haven’t actively addressed any meaningful fears.  I sometimes wonder why I even bother making life improvement resolutions when life is so damn busy as is that it’s enough to keep up!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?  If yes, are you succeeding or have you given up?

Are All Fears Worth Addressing?

Another Every Wednesday Post…

My 2012 resolution is to address my fears.  In my more fearless moments, I would say to “attack” my fears as if my fears are a tangible enemy…to be destroyed at all costs. 

In my typical wishy-washy, overly-reflective fashion, I started to examine whether all my fears are actually worth attacking.  After all I’ve been fine for 40 years and some things, like skydiving or bungee jumping, are not worth the effort.  Or are they? Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams wrote an interesting article about his year of living fearlessly.  Most of his fears were of the physically challenging kind and he now has more interesting stories to tell.

Interesting stories aside, I do think that when you overcome a fear, you enjoy a huge boost in self-confidence (and overcoming physical fears also give you an unbeatable adrelaline rush.)  I know that if I list ALL of my past fears, I may seem like a timid mouse scare of her own shadow, which I swear is not the case.  Anyway, I started thinking of past fears and came up with quite a list:  public speaking, traveling solo, negotiations, having kids, skiing, moving on my own, all sorts of tech-related things, driving a car, learning another language, changing careers, and selling on Ebay (yes that was a fear…). In all cases, I was very proud of myself afterwards and felt stronger, smarter, just a “better” person for tackling those fears. 

Do you have fears that hold you back from living life to the fullest?  Are you fearless?

Fear of Crock Pots

Another Every Wednesday Post…

One of the main causes of our hectic evenings is the lack of dinner preparation.  While this lack of preparation was manageable with two adults, it can cause major meltdowns with kids, who don’t understand having to wait for dinner.  I know I’m not the first busy parent with this first-world problem.  That’s why the crock pot was invented, or so my friends and co-workers tell me.  It is supposed to be the easiest thing in the world.  You chop a bunch of vegetables and meat and put these into this magical beast and hours later you have a complete meal.  It’s not just for soups and stews; you can bake a cake in it.   Despite the assurances of many friends and family, I have not purchased one….yet. 

I think the main reason for my “fear” is that my husband is the chef in the family and he didn’t grow up with crock pot cooking.  He doesn’t know anything about it and neither do I. 

This “fear” is probably laughable for many readers. However, I’ve known many Westerners who didn’t know how to cook rice or stir fry properly, so if you don’t understand why this simple cooking system can cause any sort of trepidation, imagine how you may feel if asked to cook an entirely foreign food (whether that’s tamales, risotto, stir fry tofu or what have you).

Since 2012 is the year I address fears, both major and minor, I think it’s time that I/we explore crock pot cooking.  First, I have to buy a cheap one.  Then I have to look up recipes.  Simple, right? Is there a cookbook called Crock Pot cooking for dummies? If not, there should be. 

An Honest Blog

Another Every Wednesday Post…

One of my fears is being “outed” or having this blog discovered by friends and family.  I don’t tell people about this blog; I don’t post real pictures;  I don’t ever plan to post pictures of my kids;  I schedule posts way ahead of time sometimes, so that the chronology is a bit askew. Only my husband knows and he doesn’t even know how often I update. 

I think the reason behind this fear is that I would probably censor myself if friends and family became readers.  At the same time, it’s not like I write anything truly controversial.  Well, wanting universal healthcare and calling myself a feminist isn’t controversial in my book.  And regardless of political, religious or social convictions, in life and on my blog, I’m pretty moderate and open to other viewpoints. 

My 2012 resolution is to address my fears…so I’m wondering if it’s time I’m more honest on my blog? I personally find open, honest blogs more interesting to read yet I hold back.  How open/honest are you? Do you reveal a lot of personal information?