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This Is What Shopping Lists Are For..

A pair of black pumps I had on my Amazon.com wish list just went on sale for 41% off, and I have a 20% coupon code.  I am so tempted.  The only thing that keeps me from hitting the “buy” button is I recently went through my closet and assessed my needs and wants.  At the top of my replacement list is a pair of brown pumps.  I also would like a leather purse.  Another pair of black pumps is not even really on my shopping list and if I buy it, I would probably have to wait out the upcoming Labor Day sales.  As one of the commenters said in my wardrobe revamp post, it’s smarter to shop strategically!

I must stay strong…

September 14: Unfinished Posts

Every Wednesday, I’ll (try) to post up a Simple Living Tip, with an emphasis on tips that can be done while living a more traditional 9-to-5 life. 

This week, I’m listing some unfinished, never to be finished (?) posts.  How does this simplify your life? It doesn’t, but it simplifies my life. Ha!

I had scheduled a post about Amazon.com but who really needs to read my opinion on this mega-retailer? We all know about it.  Some parents may want to take a look at their Amazon Mom program. Nothing saves your sanity during the first few sleep-deprived months than scheduled delivery of diapers and wipes (at very good prices).

I started tracking how much “extra” money I earned via Ebates ($44 and counting).  I should have started using them years ago as I’m quite a big online shopper. Oh well…

I had started a rant about stupid baby names. I’m talking about you Jayden, Beckett, Asher, Madison, etc..  People, let’s all agre to stop bending over backwards to give them a “unique” name and stop spelling normal names in weird ways, please….

I started a post about Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP. Then I read a few posts and liked some of it, although she obviously has a team of experts.  I also read through her newsletter with an insider look at the Venice Film Festival.  Hair, make-up, paparazzi, delicious foods, Matt Damon, exclusive parties, etc..  At one point, she goes to a jewelry shop and says that she “needs a sugardaddy”…Really? Gwyneth who hails from a wealthy Hollywood family, made millions in movies and is married to a rock star needs a sugardaddy…. at that point, I realized yet again that she lives in a freaking rich girl’s bubble. 

I also started a post about guilt.  To summarize, leave that guilty feeling for murderers and criminals.

Do you have a lot of unfinished posts?

Pottery Barn Misses Me (And So Does Ebags)

I am on the email lists for many retailers, more than I care to name.  This seems counter-intuitive for someone who wants to stay frugal.  I usually have a will of iron when it comes to marketing solicitations and rarely open the email…but of course, sometimes the subject line is so compelling that I MUST open it.   I am usually able to stop myself from buying just because of a sale (although sometimes I do put random items in the shopping cart and go through two-thirds of the check-out process)!

Why do I stay on these lists and let 10 emails per day clutter up my inbox? Because genuine deals do exist on products I plan to buy anyway.   Plus, I found that many retailers give great deals to past inactive customers.  Here’s a sampling:

1 ) McAfee gave me 75% off a one-year subscription to their anti-virus software. I found an additional discount code that reduced it to $5.  We had switched to Norton Anti-virus and this was their “please come back” offer.

2 ) Pottery Barn also misses me, or rather my business.  I haven’t bought from them in years but they have sent me 2 – 3 “please come back” emails. The savings were only 10% though.

3 ) Ebags is begging me to return, with a $25 off coupon code. It has to be on a $75 purchase so I think I’ll pass.

4 ) A few years ago, my employer paid for a training class.  I agreed to be on their email list and have received discount offers of 10 to 40 % off.  Using a 40% off coupon code for several employees, we were able to save hundreds.

Loyalty also has its rewards.  I’ve gotten good coupons for signing up at Bliss and Calypso St. Barth. I also get good coupon offers from Rubios and Fresh N’ Easy, to name a few retailers.

1 )  By paying attention to Avon‘s marketing emails, I usually save 50% on a  favorite skincare product. And I always find a code for free shipping.

2 ) Amazon occasionally sends me coupon codes for our favorite Italian coffee, saving us an additional 15%.

Do you remove yourself from marketing email lists?  Is the temptation just not worth it?