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The World Is Divided…

I have lots of posts in my head but work is keeping me too busy to write anything substantial, so here’s a random list….or some causes of world divides:

  • Democrat vs. Republicans — I know I’m leaving out Independents, Green Party, etc.
  • Rolling Stone or Beatles — Gen-Y or younger would deem both bands as ancient!
  • Prince vs. Michael Jackson
  • People who like to try new foods or People who don’t
  • People who like spicy foods and People who don’t like spicy foods
  • Team Edward or Team Jacob
  • Dog people vs. Cat People (not sure where horse people fall in this… and I’m not even going to include people who hate animals!)
  • Macs vs. PCs
  • People who like to travel abroad or People prefer to stay home
  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  • Book readers/lovers vs. Non-readers
  • Wuthering Heights vs. Jane Eyre (or neither, you prefer Jane Austen?)
  • People on Facebook or People who are not
  • People who tweet and People who don’t
  • Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera

What other opposing sides can you think of? Which “side” are you on?