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The World Is Divided…

I have lots of posts in my head but work is keeping me too busy to write anything substantial, so here’s a random list….or some causes of world divides:

  • Democrat vs. Republicans — I know I’m leaving out Independents, Green Party, etc.
  • Rolling Stone or Beatles — Gen-Y or younger would deem both bands as ancient!
  • Prince vs. Michael Jackson
  • People who like to try new foods or People who don’t
  • People who like spicy foods and People who don’t like spicy foods
  • Team Edward or Team Jacob
  • Dog people vs. Cat People (not sure where horse people fall in this… and I’m not even going to include people who hate animals!)
  • Macs vs. PCs
  • People who like to travel abroad or People prefer to stay home
  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  • Book readers/lovers vs. Non-readers
  • Wuthering Heights vs. Jane Eyre (or neither, you prefer Jane Austen?)
  • People on Facebook or People who are not
  • People who tweet and People who don’t
  • Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera

What other opposing sides can you think of? Which “side” are you on?

An Extra 20 Minutes?

We have made zero progress on moving but I’m already contemplating the difference between shortening my commute by 20 or 30 minutes a day.  It seems like a huge difference somehow.

With 30 minutes, I feel like I could squeeze in a work-out. I have some 15-to-2o minute workout videos so I could get ready and do an entire work-out with that extra time.  However, in my mind, 20 minutes is not the same…

With 30 minutes, I feel like I save so much driving time that it would justify a higher rent.  With 20 minutes, my commute would still be on the long-ish side (40 minutes going home) and I would still be tired from the daily battle.  Somehow paying a lot more in rent doesn’t seem quite so worthwhile.

Of course the reason this is even an issue is that all the places that “fit” our requirements are in higher cost areas.  I have narrowed it down to 2 neighborhoods and hence the above dilemma.  Costs vary a lot depending on the house size, schools and exact location, so it’s not as simple as closer to work = cheaper. 

I know I should add up those 20 minutes and think of it as all the time saved per week.  I just worried that 20 minutes is likely to be consumed by TV time or chores rather spending time with my kids or something more productive.  Is it strange to think that 10 minutes makes such a difference in my mind?

Another Reason To Hate My Dogs

A while back, I wrote about how much I hate having dogs.  Now I have yet another reason. We’re looking for a place closer to my job and parents. This would make the quality of our lives, especially mine, so much better.  No more long commute.  More parental help! A better neighborhood. Better schools for our kids.  I would be less stressed.  I would see my kids more!  We could walk around our neighborhood.  I would have time to cook and we can both do more fun things together.  My husband wouldn’t have to put up with my complaints as often.  Did I mention reducing my 1 hour each way commute from hell??  I’m even willing to pay higher rent for all these advantages.

The problem is that our options are severely limited due to ownership of 2 large dogs.  The average rent goes up by about $300, give or take.   This is not a small matter — I’m talking about an extra “dog penalty” of $300 or more in addition to a $500+ rent increase for moving to a better neighborhood.  I’m willing to pay $400 – 500 more for a better area / schools, but another $300 – 400 just for dogs!?  Not sure sure if we can swing it or if we can, I will curse them in my dying days when I’m old and eating dog food due to inability to save a penny because of these dogs.  A bigger problem is that many landlords are willing to accept one small dog, but not two big ones, even with extra security deposits. 

At this moment, I wish we did not own dogs.  (No lectures please….We’re too responsible to abandon them and on most days, I truly think they’re a part of our family.)

Do you ever think about the cost of your dogs?

Sometimes I Hate Having Dogs…

I was going to title this “Sometimes I Hate My Dogs” but that wouldn’t be right.  They’re so loyal and loving and stare at me with those big brown eyes and are always so happy to see me…so I re-titled it as you see it above.

The reason I feel like this is because there are too many dog-related things on our to-do list right now, from the daily walks, feeding and poop-scooping to vet visits and getting dog food.  Oh, yeah, occasionally they would also like me to pet them on the head, those needy beasts!

I feel bad. I do. But all I want to do when I get home is spend every second with my kids, even if it isn’t all hugs and playtime but more often means bathing, feeding and diapering. 

My husband is much more well-adjusted about this.  He is the one who is always reminding me about the dogs’ existence.   He is willing to feed them at 9:30 pm at night while I seriously consider letting them miss a meal.  After all their wild wolf ancestors had to kill their own food, right?

I’m such a bad dog owner but I promise to be kinder once my kids are older. Plus, I want them to appreciate the love/loyalty of family pets.

Addendum:  This is what happens when you post up random thoughts in near-draft form.  I want to add that in all fairness it’s not a choice a between hugging rosy-cheeked lovable babies and dog poop. Oftentimes the babies cry a lot or are just very fussy, so you spend a lot of time just calming them down which limits the time you do have for your dogs.  So in essence I am mad at my dogs for taking up too much time, even though the babies are the real culprits!